How Nonprofits Use Social Media to Boost Donations and Inspire Generations

How Nonprofits Use Social Media to Boost Donations and Inspire Generations

Published on 18th of April 2023

A nonprofit might need help with ways to use social media for fundraising or attracting new members. This article will provide helpful tips for this project.

Social media marketing is vital in attracting donations to any nonprofit, so let’s work together to help you reach these goals! There are plenty of nonprofits that have found success in this department.

We will look at the following:

  • How can social media marketing be beneficial to nonprofits?

  • Some essential tips to keep in mind no matter which platform you use

  • Why nonprofits need to reach younger generations through social media to boost donations

How can social media marketing be beneficial to nonprofits?

  1. It’s no news that billions of people are now using social media. This can significantly increase an organization's reach and give it a competitive advantage.

  2. Social media helps build awareness and reach audiences that you would otherwise be unable to touch.

  3. Zero fees to post.

  4. It allows you to link to donation pages in your posts.

  5. Using social media for volunteering has become the norm - you can quickly grow your network of volunteers.

  6. Interactive contents give the audience plenty of room to participate and interact freely.

  7. Social platforms are great for the nonprofit sector because they let you reach out to new donors.

Social platforms that can help boost your donations

  • Facebook

Facebook wall decorSince the platform boasts 2.8 billion active users per month, using Facebook might help if you're trying to raise money for your organization!

According to Facebook nonprofits, these strategies work:

  1. Most posts on FB are short because followers have shown that they don’t want to read lengthy content. Posts with the action link below a wall of text are unlikely to attract users, so make sure it comes first, followed by a short description.

  2. Using hashtags on your FB content is the best way to reach more people, thus increasing the visibility of your organization. It can also attract donors and help generate engagements.

  3. The Facebook Ads tool helps you increase followers by targeting people interested in your nonprofit. Not only will there be more donations, but the quality of your followers will also improve.

  4. Sharing your live events encourages your followers to virtually attend, especially those who might be open to making a donation. It will also help increase awareness of your organization overall.

  5. If you have a Facebook page, there are many ways to increase engagement and donations. One of these is setting up a quiz, survey, or challenge that people can interact with.

  6. A great way to spread your message is to ask your followers to post on their feed and status with your tag.

  • YouTube

red and white square illustrationVideo marketing is a popular promotional tool for both businesses and non-profit organizations. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for this kind of work.

Below are some of the successful strategies that YouTubers employ:

  1. Video fundraisers will usually have a donate button next to the video.

  2. You can use your common interest with some YouTubers as a way to target potential donors across multiple channels.

  3. Adapt campaign matching.

  4. SuperChat is a great tool you can use to connect with your audience while they're online. It allows them to pay for a longer chat and have a more powerful voice during a live chat with numerous participants.

  • Instagram

blue and red square logoIt is estimated that about 1 billion people use Instagram every month. The majority of people who share videos and photos are between 18 and 34.

Here are some of the best ways to use Instagram for your business:

  1. Publish IG posts with hashtags for better discovery and increased engagement.

  2. Organizing live events can help you publicize donation events with your followers. This is a great way to invite more people to your organization.

  3. Hosting Q&A sessions on Instagram can help you gain more followers by engaging your target audience.

  4. Adding donation stickers to your Instagram stories will entice followers to donate.

  • Twitter

blue and white heart illustrationSome success strategies on Twitter include:

  1. If you want people to donate, it is essential to understand the kind of nonprofit you are running. So, make sure you present this in detail in your 'About' section.

  2. Promoting your Twitter account on other social media platforms can potentially help you gain more followers, which will give you a better chance of meeting with potential donors for your nonprofit.

  3. Foster your Twitter feed with engaging photos and videos, and be brief with your words.

  4. You should post more to build your following and connect with the people in your niche. More posts = more opportunities = more donors.

Some essential tips to keep in mind no matter which platform you use

Other venues to boost your nonprofit donations include Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you succeed no matter what platform you're using:

  1. Social media time management is an essential part of building an organization’s brand. There are many ways to efficiently balance daily posts, but the most important thing is that you always try to post at least once a day.

  2. Ensure that your mission statement on every social platform is well-defined.

  3. When posting on social media, it's essential to include relevant hashtags—but don’t overuse them.

  4. Consider employing analytics tools to help you track your performance and learn the best ways to attract and engage with your customers.

  5. Add call-to-actions to your posts. Action words are highly effective and will help you attain your goals.

Why nonprofits need to reach younger generations on social media to boost donations

Social media marketing can effectively promote your nonprofit's mission and values, but it will require some time and effort.

When you are looking to win more donations for your nonprofit, consider involving the youth - they are often very generous.

They have a completely different energy, which is what nonprofits need to help make an impact. Young people use social media more—asking daring questions, pushing for campaigns, showing open-mindedness, sharing their ideas, and keeping their many channels active.

A genuine commitment will help you build a long-lasting nonprofit with financially stable services. It also contributes to the growth of volunteer work and higher volunteer participation rates.

To foster sincere commitments, the idea is to actively engage youths in your social media posts. Let them share their own thoughts with the rest of your community and/or theirs.

In essence, their voices need to be heard. And the more voices people hear, the better the idea of what's really happening out there.

Younger users can help your organization engage new donors and keep old ones, so be sure to post timely and relevant content to keep them active on your social media page.

Don’t be afraid to attract and engage in conversations with the younger generations.

Final notes

Social media can help nonprofits gain more donations and visibility when the right tools are used with the proper strategies. Luckily, this article offers some valuable social media tips, tactics, and strategies for nonprofits.

It sounds like you're ready to start implementing a new way to help your organization flourish. Well, the time has come to take care of that!

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