Digital Marketing Trends to Lookout for this 2021

March 21, 2022

Whether we admit it or not, trends are indeed what run our markets. After all, what is new and exciting always catches the eye. This is because everyone wants to start fresh, and establishing something just to be safe or classic is a bit of a gamble.

Because of this, business owners and entrepreneurs were faced with a challenge to be more adaptive, creative, and collaborative. So, after a year of being held back, most people look forward to 2021 as a year of enthusiastic trends.

With that said, let’s go over the top five digital marketing trends in 2021.

1. Inclusivity

This year, we want it all and for all. The great thing about this trend is the glaring need for people to belong. As culture slowly diminishes gatekeeping and discrimination, digital marketing is also reshaping itself to fit the mold. 

In the past years, this marketing approach was a slow burn that allowed brands to give their communities something they can identify with. Now, the ember is turning into a flame, and almost everybody has jumped into the inclusivity wagon.

Today, we want digital marketing to use media materials that include everyone of every race, gender identity, class, or religion. 

In fact, if you can engage with the crowd and support marginalized groups’ empowerment, all the better. This not only gets your name on the horizon but also helps fix the societal divide. 

That is also to say that if you’re a brand that caters exclusively to a particular demographic, you can expect to get some criticism over social media platforms.

2. Featured Snippets & No-Click Searches

SEO or search engine optimization has been a trend for so many years that it now passes off as a rule of thumb. However, this new trend features a different approach to it. 

You see, it uses “Position Zero” which is also known as a featured snippet. In case you’re wondering, it generally refers to anything that appears at the top of your search engine results. Basically, the aim is for your name or brand to have a position of zero.

These features snippets show all the necessary information upfront, so there is no need for users to access the website. 

This trend is borne out of the need for the demand for quick information to go. That means people no longer want to click on references and have to wait for it to load. You can get yourself a spot at position zero with unique long-tailed keywords and digestible content. 

3. Sustainability

With an atmosphere similar to inclusivity, this sustainability trend is proof that people want something to fight for. 

Stagnancy doesn’t work well in society today, which is why opinions and stances bombard social media platforms nowadays. This is how being sustainable enters the scene. This trend entails a passion for crafts, environmentalism, resourcefulness, and innovation. 

Studies show that 80% of consumers believe that brands should be on board with saving the environment. This is why people tend to go for brands that care about something, aside from just what they stand to earn.

With that in mind, products that are 100% organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and made with recycled materials are especially appealing. 

With that said, there are even online shops and websites that pledge to plant a tree or donating to environmental organizations for every hundred dollars they earn or every purchase made.

4. Interactive Content

In line with our human need to connect and belong, interactive content has been a trend that social media platforms and websites slowly integrated into effectivity. 

It works because it gives people a voice, and we all know we want to be heard. Also, this digital marketing trend doesn’t demand much of people’s time and attention. 

It can be in the form of an Instagram story that people can easily disregard. Still, as studies show, they are most likely to participate.

This trend allows people to engage with the brand and the community. An example of this is polls which give users a perspective on where they stand compared to the rest of the participants. 

Surveys visible to all are also efficient when you want feedback for your goods and services, and they may be particularly helpful if you’re starting a product line and are gauging public interest.

5. Customer Segmentation

While we have the inclusivity trend in this list, another leading trend is a contrast to it – customer segmentation. 

This trend entails that you pick a community or a portion of the demographic and you market directly to them. This is not to undermine inclusion. On the other hand, it is a digital marketing tactic that allows people to engage with one area first to get the rest’s attention. 

This can be done by tailoring your content to a particular group of people that are most likely to keep the conversation going or rather keep you in the conversation.

An example of how this is done is through cosmetic products. If you have a makeup line and want more women to know about this, you can first stabilize your market towards makeup artists to promote your work. 

If you’re selling an acne treatment, you can work your content to be more visible to those who are struggling with acne.

Final Thoughts

With all that said, if we want to be out there, we have to adapt to the trends. Yes, it will take some work. However, being able to accommodate the varying needs of the market will show just how versatile you are. 

Considering how prone people are to changing their minds, the goal is to be within their periphery at all times. This can be especially difficult if you’re new to the game, but we guarantee you that you can come through with the right tools and strategy.

Hopefully, this content has been helpful for you, and may you strategize your way with these digital marketing trends for 2021. Good luck!

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