Your Guide to Hosting Fundraisers on Instagram

Your Guide to Hosting Fundraisers on Instagram

Published on 13th of June 2023

Digital activism is on the rise, with both individuals and brands getting in on the action. Instagram makes it easy to do your part by offering fundraising options for people aged 18 and over to use to raise money for nonprofits. That includes a recently launched fundraising tool. Find out how to set up a fundraiser and go over some tips to ensure your next venture is a success. Then, you can use your fundraiser to inspire your Instagram followers to take action. 

Using the New Fundraiser Tool

In mid-2020, Instagram unveiled a Personal Fundraising tool that people could use for their own needs. While it shortly scrapped that effort, it replaced it with its tool to help communities and nonprofits. 

You can access the tool by tapping the plus sign on your profile screen and then clicking on “Fundraiser.” Right now, it’s the last option on the menu that comes up, but that could change as Instagram adds more features.

Then, a list of nonprofit organizations will appear. You can look through popular choices or search for a cause by category. Once you choose a nonprofit, the organization will receive 100% of the proceeds from your fundraiser. 

After selecting a nonprofit, you’ll need to choose a cover image and fundraising goal. Then, write a description to let people know about the fundraiser, and choose a collaborator if you wish to do so.

Once everything is ready, share your fundraiser for the world to see. Then, you can start bringing in some money for a good cause. As a result, you’ll build a fantastic reputation on Instagram.

Get Personal When Creating the Description

Let’s back up a bit to the description. While it doesn’t have to be very long, you want to take your time when writing it. First, make a list of the reasons why the cause is important to you or your brand. Then, use that list as a guide as you write your description. You want to show your connection to the cause, explain why it’s so important, and encourage people to help out. 

Also, be sure to include relevant hashtags so people can find your post and donate. 

Promote Your Fundraiser

Free Cheerful young woman screaming into megaphone Stock PhotoYou don’t want to set it and forget it when it comes to hosting a fundraiser. Instead, you need to let as many people as possible know so you can raise more money.

First, promote your fundraiser in your Instagram Stories and on your feed. While you don’t want all of your posts to be fundraiser-related, you should mix them in so your followers know about it.

Also, promote the fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. You can even get creative with your promotion with a TikTok video. 

Buy Instagram Likes to Expand Your Reach

You might find that your fundraiser doesn’t get much traction, even if you promote it on other social media networks. If you don’t reach your fundraising goals, two things might happen. First, of course, you’ll be disappointed that you weren’t able to help as much as you would like. It’s always difficult when you don’t reach your goals, including those set when fundraising. 

Second, it could cause you to lose some clout on social media. For instance, assume that you set a fundraising goal for $10,000 but only raise $100. When people see that, they might think that you don’t have a good relationship with your followers, and they don’t trust you. They might even think that your brand isn’t legitimate.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create a fundraiser on Instagram. Instead, it just means that you might need to take an extra step to ensure that it reaches a lot of people.

In this instance, the extra step you need to take is as simple as buying real Instagram likes for your fundraising post. Each like is essentially a signal to Instagram, letting the algorithm know that your post provides value to your audience. Thus, Instagram will expand the post’s reach if it receives lots of engagement. Then, you can reach your fundraising goals without nearly as much stress. 

Reach Out to Thank Contributors

flat lay photography of coffee latte in teacup on tableYour main goal with creating a fundraiser is to raise money for a nonprofit. However, you can also build a relationship with your followers while raising funds. You’ll have access to a list of the people who donate to your fundraiser.

While some brands and content creators create a blanket “thank you” post to acknowledge the contributors, take it a step further. Individually DM each donor to offer a personal thank you. You can even write why this fundraiser is so important to you or your brand. 

This won’t take a lot of time, but it will make a difference for your followers. In fact, it could help you drum up some business. 

Want Immediate Results? Go Live to Raise Funds

black smartphone taking photo of yellow round fruitsYou can also drum up support for your favorite causes by going Live on Instagram. First, you need to open the Live camera in the Instagram app and then tap “Live.” Next, tap “Fundraiser” and go through the nonprofits until you find one to support. Then, your viewers can donate to the nonprofit, and it’ll receive 100% of the funds.

You can keep track of your donations while streaming Live, so be sure to give your followers waves and shoutouts. Also, remind them that they’ll get a special “I Donated” sticker that they can add to their Stories. These stickers are only available for a limited time, and they will help your followers spread awareness for a good cause. 

Create a Fundraising Plan Today

Supporting a nonprofit is an excellent way to show that your brand stays true to its values. Then, you can build stronger relationships with your market. First, come up with a fundraising plan and select a nonprofit to support. Then, you can use these tips to reach people and get donations for a worthy cause.

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