Top Social Media Analytics Tools for Startups & Small Businesses

Top Social Media Analytics Tools for Startups & Small Businesses

Published on 28th of March 2023

Analyzing your company's social media marketing campaign for performance helps you figure out how you need to improve your online presence. To have a good idea of how things are going, you must consistently and curiously examine the results over a given period.

Research, content creation, and ads aren't the limit of what can be done by this step. Analytics might even help bring down the time or effort needed to perfect your strategies, depending on your plan.

You'll need a reliable analytics tool to gather the most detailed information on how well your social media marketing is doing. For this level of insight, performance tools are a must in digital marketing.

Not every big brand, non-profit, small business, personal brand, or startup is aware of the current trends, so you might want to consider that when designing your social media marketing strategy.

This article provides a wealth of information about the top social media analytics tools to help startups and small businesses excel in their marketing efforts.

Your budget for these social media analytics tools

closeup photo of 100 US dollar banknotesThe price to use social media analytic tools is unique for every business.

Some businesses won't afford them or may not generate much traffic for their usage. Other firms can afford them and will see the benefits.

Either way, you should think about how the tool helps your business by deciding whether or not it’s well worth the price.

Becoming more budget-conscious involves choosing a specialist to handle the analytics. As your social media marketing campaign grows, it's essential to properly train your social media analytics operator or purchase premium versions of the software.

Alternatively, you can train yourself to analyze and strategize to spend the least possible amount.

Top free social media analytics tools for startups and small businesses

Before getting started on social media analytics tools, be sure to look at any and all report features that come standard with social media marketing platforms.

Some are just basic analytics, while others are more reliant on curation or audience insights. Popular native and third-party services include:

This application provides real-time data on the performance of content posted on your brand's Facebook page. It also has a function that allows you to see how other pages are performing - you can then emulate and follow their performance as necessary.

When you click the Insights button, it gives you stats on your published content. You can also see how well each post performed and get an advanced analytic report by clicking on people reached.

  • Instagram Analytics

Similar to Facebook Insights, Instagram offers free analytic features to its business profile users. If you want to have unique analytics for your personal account, you need to switch to a business one.

To view social analytics from Instagram, you should go to the Analytics/Insights menu option on the app. There you will find an analytics report about your audience and engagement data for each of your posts.

This native tool tracks your tweets and what kind of impact they have. It shows engagement, mentions, shares, profile visits, followers, and audience reached.

You can get the statistics of your Twitter marketing performance for each month with a report section.

The data can help you understand your customers and serve them better, which can mean getting ahead of market trends and putting yourself in control of your Twitter presence.

Pro-Tips: If you run a business on social platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, or any other social media platform, you can access all the information about your activity for free—thanks to available inbuilt analytics tools.

For many, Google Analytics is more than just a website traffic and engagement report monitor. It can also be used to analyze social media platforms in addition to search engines.

This helps you track the performance of your social media content across different platforms and gives you suggestions on what to use next. It helps keep your posts up to the best to serve your company's audience.

Google Analytics allows you to track your website traffic, manage your social media reach, and analyze your progress throughout the month. This is one of the many advantages of using this tool over competing ones because it provides you with all these various services in one place.

This analyzes the industry to identify critical trends and showcases data gathered from your audience. It provides insight into where your brand is heading in the future.

It gives insights on what content you should create, coupled with feedback on what people interested in your brand’s sector want.

SocialBakers offers a free platform to evaluate and manage your social media accounts. It has the additional advantage of scheduling postings according to the data of your audience, which can help you better tailor content for them with precision.

The Urchin Tracking Module helps you track the performance, traffic, and efficiency of the content you share and help improve your marketing strategy.

With UTM parameters, you can get more deep insights about your marketing campaigns in Google Analytics reports.

You can now monitor your content and see which platforms are the most beneficial to your business. Tracks conversion rates, UTM parameters, etc., to make sure you are operating at peak performance.

Finding the right audience for your content is one of the critical success factors in social media marketing. This software will help you look at essential metrics like likes, mentions, and shares to determine if your posts resonate with a larger audience.

Social media analytics have been around for a while now, but Union Metrics is one of the most popular sources. They provide usage data and statistics so you can see how your company's performance stacks up.

  • Boardreader

This one is a trend tracker that provides an in-depth analysis of conversations, forums, and groups about your brand’s niche. It can be helpful for startups as it helps you know what your customers want from your brand.

This social media analytics tool is great for startups and small businesses as it provides a detailed overview of what people are saying about trends, solutions, and their views.

HowSociable is an analytics platform that provides free reports and trackers for 12 social media channels—but to unlock some advanced features, you'll need to upgrade your account.

Top paid social media analytics tools for startups and small businesses

Some other free social media analytics tools are available, but those are the most commonly used ones.

This article aims to give the best social media analytics tools for startups and small businesses. In light of this mindset, the options above are good enough to efficiently work and satisfy the need for the best insights.

However, some paid alternatives if you want to pay for premium opportunities or feel unsatisfied with the free services. You can try tools like:

  • Hootsuite

  • Cyfe

  • Sprout Social

  • Buffer

  • Twitonomy

  • Zoho Social

  • Brandwatch Consumer Research

  • Social Report

  • Audience

  • Followerwonk

  • Buzzsumo

  • CoSchedule

  • Twazzup

  • Keyhole

  • Wiselytics

  • Iconosquare

  • TweetDeck

  • Mention

  • Brand24


Final thoughts

If you're a startup or small business and want to optimize your use of social media analytics tools, you need a team of experienced individuals in charge of monitoring, accessing, and applying the reports and stats.

Making and implementing frequent corrections with suggestions will generate leads with a high potential to convert.

As a result, your brand can build an active online presence, enhancing its current status and reputation.

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