The Instagram Quiz Sticker: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need

The Instagram Quiz Sticker: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need

Published on 22nd of January 2021

Instagram is continually releasing new stickers for their stories, and a couple of weeks ago, they released another. Now, alongside the Poll, Questions, Countdown, Emoji slider, and Music sticker, there is the Quiz sticker.



What is the Quiz sticker?

Instagram’s purpose for the Quiz sticker is to quiz your followers with questions about you. It’s a way for them to see how well they know you, and along the way, get to know you.


As you can see from the image above, by default, the sticker gives you an example of what to write that reads, “Guess my favorite.” Underneath that title-like section is where you would type the options. At the very bottom of the sticker, it says, “Add at least two options.” So, your choices for this particular question would be the right answer and the wrong answer.


When you upload this story, your followers tap the answer they think is right.



How to add a question to the Quiz sticker

In the top section of the sticker, you can type any question you’d like. You only have 47 characters available, so keep the question short.


If you don’t want to come up with a question, or if you don’t know what to ask, you can make Instagram create a question for you. If you look at the picture above again, you’ll see that there’s a pair of dice above the phone keyboard. When you tap it, Instagram will select a random question for you.


These are a few of the random questions that appear if you tap the dice:

  • “Guess my favorite ice cream…"
  • “Only one of these is true…”
  • “Guess my favorite show…”
  • “What makes me happiest?”
  • “If I were a celebrity, I’d be…”



Adding the answers to the Quiz sticker

After you’ve come up with or selected your question, write the answers. First, in ‘Option A,’ then in ‘Option B.’ When you start typing your response in Option B, you will get a tag that reads, “Tap to select your answer,” and Option B will turn green. Once you’ve typed your answers in both boxes, select the right answer. If it is B, leave it alone; if it’s A, tap the A that’s encircled.


By default, you have two options to write your answers. However, when I started typing Option B, something else appeared. You can see in the picture below that the opportunity to write a third answer emerged. Tap it to write a response. After that, the fourth and final option to write an answer shows up. You must write at least two options, but you cannot have more than four.



Colors on the Quiz Sticker

By default, the sticker color is black. However, if you click the color wheel at the center top (you can see this on all previous pictures in this article), you can change it. The colors available are the classic Instagram sticker colors:

  • Purple-blue
  • Green-blue
  • Orange-Yellow
  • Purple-pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue


Click ‘Done’ when your sticker is complete and upload it to your story.



When your followers vote

Once you upload your story, your followers who view the story can take the quiz. When they select the right answer, confetti pops out in their screen. When they pick the wrong answer, that choice turns red, and they can see the correct answer.



How to view the answers

When you upload a story, you can see who’s viewed it. You do so by clicking the “viewers” option at the bottom left-hand corner of your stories. When you do this in the story with the Quiz sticker, you can also see how many answers each option has and who chose which options.



How to use the Quiz sticker to raise engagement

Now that you know how to use the Quiz stickers, let’s talk a bit about how you can use it for your brand or business to raise engagement from your followers. While you can post one story with a quiz, you can turn this into an entire “Quiz night.” Have at least three Instagram stories with the quiz sticker as a kind of game for your followers to play.


Here are some ideas on what to do for “Quiz night.”


Quiz your followers on your history

The Quiz sticker is supposed to be a fun way for your followers to get to know you, so what better way for them to do that than by talking about how you started? Here are some sample questions:

  1. What inspired our name?
  2. When did we start our company?
  3. How old am I?
  4. How long have I been [blank]?
  5. When did I get the idea for [blank]?


Quiz your followers on how well they know your website

Hardcore fans of yours will know your website the way they know the back of their hand. Let them find out how well they think they know it.

  1. Which days do I upload?
  2. Where can you find [blank]?
  3. How often do I send emails?
  4. What’s my email list called?
  5. What’s my most popular blog post?


Quiz your followers on how well they know you

  1. What’s my dog’s name?
  2. What’s my favorite color?
  3. What city do I live in?
  4. Which social media platform am I not on?
  5. Where did I grow up?


Quiz your followers on your brand

  1. What are our brand colors?
  2. What is our logo?
  3. What’s on every Instagram post?
  4. How do we sign every caption?
  5. What is our mission?


Quiz your followers on your content

  1. Where was I in my last Instagram post?
  2. What did I talk about in my latest YouTube video?
  3. What did I promote on Snapchat recently?
  4. What sale is going on in our website?
  5. Which friend “hacked” my Twitter yesterday?


Even Chipotle uses the Quiz sticker. Chipotle asked, “What’s our most popular entrée?” So, as you can see, there are a variety of questions you can ask. Play around with them, and sit back as your followers answer!

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