Here's How To Document Your Vacation Through Instagram

Here's How To Document Your Vacation Through Instagram

Published on 25th of August 2018

When it comes to travel, your phone is most certainly everywhere you are - from taking photos and videos to playing with plenty of filters and captions. Documenting your travel, your vacation, is a great way to hold your wonderful memories of cities, countries and making your way through to destinations. Not only can you save these memories and look back on them in the future, you can use Instagram to share these moments with your friend.

Since Instagram now has over 1 billion users, there are so many people who could see your photos and videos from your vacation. With this in mind, we’ve put together our favorite ways that you can share your content on Instagram while on vacation.



Here are 5 ways to turn your vacation into an Instagram series

1. Decide on your color and filter scheme

person holding silver iPhone 7 near wooden pot holderThe best Instagram accounts have a clear color scheme and variation - that is, when scrolling through Instagram feeds, there is a clear and consistent theme. This can be done in one of two ways.

  1. Decide on the colors you will take a post when on vacation. For example, if you’re in a tropical area, you might consider taking photos of blue, green and yellow photos (images of the ocean, lavish greenery and yellow florals).

  2. Determine which filter you will use. The easiest way to have a consistent Instagram feed is to use the same filter throughout your vacation.



2. Highlight only the best images and videos

With the advent of Instagram Stories, it’s more important than ever to highlight only the best images and videos on your Instagram feed.


Highlight your best image or photo from the day - morning, noon or evening. Posting in the evening will allow you to provide an overview of where your visited or what you learned that day.



3. Don’t forget Instagram Stories

The number of daily active Instagram Stories users has increased 4X since 2016, and it’s not slowing down. Instagram Stories is consistently releasing new updates, from the latest facial filters to stickers, and polls in between.


Posting regularly throughout your vacation on Instagram Stories will allow your followers to stay engaged with your activities in an organic way. Just be careful - posting too frequently can lead to follower fatigue.



4. Save your Instagram Stories to Highlights

We’ve seen this done really well on personal accounts - saving your Instagram Stories to Highlights. For example, if you head to Bali on vacation, you can create a Highlight on your account for “Bali” and remember some of the best stories from your trip. This stays on your account until you decide to archive it, so it’s a great way to remember some of the most important and memorable videos and images from your vacation.


5. Tag locations in every image

Close-Up Photo of Assorted Color of Push Pins on MapIf you don’t do this already, it is recommended to include or tag your locations in every image or video that you post. Bonus points if you can tag accounts in this photos or videos, too.


Tagging locations in your image or video can help create a map as to where you’ve been. This is a great resource if you’re back home, months down the line, and want to refer a friend or even have yourself check back to see where you were, what you ate, where your favorite beach was located and more.


Tagging locations and mentioning Instagram handles can also help grow your following, as it is a great way to extend your overall reach. 


Vacations are a great way to relax, travel and create memories at the same time. While we used to store those memories in a photo camera, your memories are now on your iPhone, Android or other mobile device to save and refer back to as our own memories fade. When you are on your next vacation, consider these tips as ways that you can turn your travel into an Instagram Series, one that you are sure to remember and look back on time and time again.

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