Get the Truth Behind These Instagram Myths

Get the Truth Behind These Instagram Myths

Published on 27th of June 2023

You need accurate information to run a successful marketing campaign on Instagram. Thus, if you believe any Instagram myths, you’ll have trouble reaching your goals. Even worse, you might end up on a list of the biggest Instagram fails. You can turn things around by learning the truth behind the myths. Then you’ll be ready to develop a marketing strategy based on reality instead of misconceptions.

Let’s dive in and evaluate some of the biggest myths that could be holding you back.

Myth: Likes Don’t Matter on Instagram

Free Man in White Crew-neck Top Reaching for the Like Stock PhotoYou can trace this myth back to 2019, when Instagram experimented with hiding likes on posts. Now, instead of automatically hiding likes, it gives users the opportunity to hide them if they wish. The idea behind this is to reduce the pressure of accumulating lots of likes while sharing content.

Even when likes are hidden, they matter just as much as ever. Instagram still considers likes and other engagement metrics when determining which photos to display. Thus, if your posts have lots of likes, comments, and shares, Instagram will show them to more people. That means you can expand your reach and grow your audience by posting engaging content.

It can be challenging to accumulate lots of organic likes, but there’s a solution to this problem. You can buy real Instagram likes for your feed posts to increase your engagement metrics. Then your posts will get in front of more people so that you can get more likes organically as well.

Myth: Follower Count Is the Most Important Metric on Instagram

It’s true that you want to build a following on Instagram. After all, the bigger your following, the larger your audience, meaning you’ll have more opportunities to reach your marketing goals.  

However, your follower count isn’t the most important metric. Instead of focusing on followers, put your emphasis on engagement.

If you have a high follower count but little engagement, Instagram won’t show your posts to many people. Also, your followers won’t take action after viewing your content. 

If your follower count is on the smaller side, but you have more engagement, your posts will have greater reach. Additionally, you can get more leads and make more sales when promoting content to a highly-engaged audience. 

Thus, put most of your focus on engagement rates. Use strategies such as buying Instagram likes to increase your engagement. Also, test out different types of posts to find out what your audience craves so that you can deliver the right content to them.   

Myth: Personal Accounts Get Preferential Treatment

You might have heard some rumblings that using a business account can cause you to lose engagement. In reality, Instagram doesn’t show preferential treatment to personal, creator, or business accounts. On the other hand, you’ll end up losing out on some important features if you don’t switch to a creator or business account

For instance, if you have a Creator profile, you can use tools like Shopping from Creators and the Creator Studio Dashboard. Then business accounts include access to Instagram Insights, Instagram Shopping and Checkout, and other features.

With so many extra features, you can increase your engagement by using the right account. Thus, don’t let this myth hold you back on the app.

Myth: You Have to Post Every Day to Get Results

If you believe the myth that you have to post daily to get results, you probably feel a lot of pressure. After all, it’s hard to come up with something fresh and relevant to say every day, especially if managing your Instagram account is just one of your duties. 

Fortunately, this isn’t true. Instagram values quality and consistency over posting daily. Thus, come up with a content schedule you can follow and then deliver high-quality posts to get results. 

Myth: You Can Post as Much as You Want Without any Issues

Some people think they need to post as much content as possible to stay on the radar. However, if you upload one post after another, it can become spammy.

Instagram doesn’t want to fill feeds with tons of posts from the same accounts. Thus, if you fire off post after post in rapid-fire succession, some of them might get buried. Instead of uploading one post after the next, create a slideshow to keep them all together. Then you can get your message out without coming across as spammy. 

Myth: You Have to Spend Money on Ads to Succeed on Instagram

100 us dollar billWhile it’s true that buying ads can help you reach your marketing goals, it isn’t necessary. With product tagging and other features, you can monetize your account without spending a dime.

Many brands and creators don’t buy ads when starting. Instead, they use organic marketing methods and include advertisements down the line if they want an additional boost. Whether you choose to run ads or not, you can reach your marketing goals on Instagram with the right strategies.   

Myth: Instagram Penalizes Accounts that Don’t Respond to Comments Within a Day

This is one of the strangest Instagram myths, but it’s taken off in a big way. Countless creators and brands think that the clock starts ticking as soon as someone leaves a comment or sends a DM. If they don’t respond within 24 hours, their accounts will take a massive hit. That can lead to a lot of stress, especially when managing an active, highly engaged Instagram account.

Fortunately, you can let that stress melt away since this is nothing more than a myth.

While you aren’t on the clock, it is important that you respond. Do so in a way that promotes genuine conversations on the social network. Instagram puts a lot of value on relationships, and if you are building them, you’ll be rewarded.

Create a Strategy Based on The Truth Behind the Myths

person holding white chess pieceNow that you know the truth behind these common myths, you’re in a good position to create a marketing strategy. By building your strategy around facts, you can get the results you want. That includes increasing engagement, growing leads, and making sales. Get started today to lay the groundwork for a successful marketing strategy.

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