Fastest Ways to Contact Instagram Support and Get Useful Help

Fastest Ways to Contact Instagram Support and Get Useful Help

Published on 21st of October 2018

Have you ever had an issue on Instagram and then tried to contact their support team to resolve it?__END_BLOG__ If yes, you already know managing a million followers is probably a more easily-achieved feat. If no, well, reread the previous statement.


Instagram is sought-after for constantly assuring its users the best experience to ever exist. But, the platform falls short in the customer service department. You would think the impressive amount of users would be enough motivation to build a stable, responsive customer support team; the case is opposite in actuality. More so, Instagram support is infamous for its unavailability even when users require help at crucial times.


Despite that, the support team is not to blame. With more than a billion users worldwide (many of whom experience difficulties then message for support), it's easy to see why Instagram would prefer to dole out customer care in an impersonal way.



Here are the ways to contact Instagram Support...


1. Instagram Contact Email

Contrary to popular belief, Instagram does have an email address. However, it's widely advisable not to depend on your email receiving a response anytime soon.



2. Navigating the Instagram Help Centre

Help CentreInstagram mostly avoids all forms of personal customer enquiries, thereby providing individuals and businesses with a broad Help Centre to deal with such. The general idea is that users can browse the whole subdomain for issues most related to theirs and get satisfactory solutions immediately.


Needless to say, this method works but not always. Some issues are tricky and unique to each user and cannot be resolved by a search query. Another prevalence is that all IG support agents would advise users to make good use of the Help Centre. The Help Centre, however, is an extensive list of general problems and the corresponding solutions.
The Help Centre is broken down into 5 categories. Each handles some of the basic issues users encounter.

  • Using Instagram
  • Managing Your Account 
  • Login & Troubleshooting
  • Privacy & Safety
  • Instagram for Business 


To cover most issues at rock-bottom, each of these categories has relevant subcategories. For example, if you're having issues logging onto your account, the Login & Troubleshooting category offers helpful subcategories. The Using Instagram category, on the other hand, lets you open a more narrowed-down list of options. These include Signing Up and Getting Started, Sharing Photos & Videos, Feed, and Your Profile. Click on one of these and possible solutions will show up instantly.


Managing Your Account handles issues relating to personalizing your account. Subcategories listed under here include Delete Your Account, Privacy Settings & Information, Account and Notification Settings, and Verified Badges.
Privacy & Service is the section that offers users solutions and more information on issues like how to control your visibility, guidelines of the community, safety tips, how to block people, how to share photos or videos safely, and terms of use. Also included here is the Report Something subcategory, which is very vital for users who spot spamming or abusive content.


Instagram for Business assists users who use Instagram as a business platform: small businesses, brands, and agencies. Answers to your most-likely difficulties (such as Advertising on Instagram and Instagram Business Tools) are provided here.


Making use of the Help Centre works for some users and gives them all the support they need. It definitely cuts down on the amount of time you would otherwise spend explaining your situation to a support agent.



3. When the Help Centre Is Not Helpful Enough

Some issues or enquiries call for more attention than just general answers to queries. Users can take these steps to catch the attention of Instagram's support team and get useful help.


a) The Instagram App

The Instagram app has an option, which enables users to contact Instagram customer services. This option can be used to provide feedback, lodge complaints, report spamming or abusive content, and report any other difficulties. To be honest, it's easier to contact Instagram this way regarding issues with the app.
To access the service from the Instagram app...

  • Go to your profile
  • Click on Settings
  • Select the option 'Report a problem'


b) Vent Your Fury on Social Media

FuriousThis is definitely the way to go if you want to grab Instagram support's actual attention and not just general solutions to your questions. Move your support-needing self to Facebook and send them messages after messages; do not relent. You can even post a review on their Facebook page as there will definitely be other exasperated customers also looking to get answers from Instagram. A problem shared is a problem solved. You communicating your troubles may even lead to a fellow user giving a working solution to your issue.


If Facebook doesn't work, move your complaints to Twitter. Send them direct messages in numbers and tweet at their official handle: @Instagram.  Leaving a hurricane-like trail all over the social world might get them to finally notice you and provide solutions. Do remember that there is a thin line between being insistent and being abusive. Kindly keep your messages polite enough. 



4. Alternative Means of Getting Support

HappySometimes, all these still yield no satisfactory solutions and you need to resort to alternate places where your queries can be given sufficient attention. There are many online platforms where this kind of help can be achieved. They may not be the most ideal option but, with Instagram lacking severely in the support unit, users are left with very little other choices.


a) Quora

Quora is an online community for anyone to share his/her issue or question and receive more than enough help. You can either ask your own unique question on Quora and or browse through the questions posted by other people and see if a solution to your problem has already been given. 


b) Reddit

You can either go directly to the widely-extensive Reddit platform and seek answers to your issues or search for related questions that have been asked before.  You can also surf the Internet via search engines: do remember to always include the keyword 'reddit' in your query. This will provide you with a host of questions on Reddit related to your search.


c) Google

In these days of ours, Google is the bank of all information on all things concerning anything. Sometimes, simply Googling your questions is all the help you need.  There is a very high likelihood that someone else has encountered the issue and posted the solution on a webpage. Google will find your question and the potential solution(s), and then present it to you on a silver platter. 


d) Facebook Advertising Account Manager

This method is exclusively relevant to Instagram users who spend money on advertising on either Instagram or Facebook. Businesses that spend a reasonable amount of money on either of these platforms are also included. Either way, you can be appointed a personal Account Manager. 


The criteria needed for getting an Account Manager is not public information but big Facebook spenders are normally appointed one in appreciation for all the advertising and marketing money being spent. 
If you do have one, it is best to build a solid relationship with this individual. They would provide you with unparallel help and are a useful resource for making the best out of your Instagram or Facebook ad campaigns.


It's quite important to be familiar with all available options if Instagram’s official support is not forthcoming with a solution. This article has highlighted how to contact Instagram’s official page, how to use the Help Centre, and some of the best alternative means of getting support.


Nonetheless, contacting Instagram might be the easiest step. All the emails, messages and tweets are received but the problem is getting a response. Even if they do respond, there is a lot of back and forth involved with support requesting more details of your issue after 24-hours of you messaging them. You provide this and then another 24-hours pass before you receive a response, sometimes still asking for even more details. This can be truly exasperating for users, especially businesses and brands with a pressing need to swiftly rectify the problem. Cheers!




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