9 Ways to Use Instagram Carousel Posts

9 Ways to Use Instagram Carousel Posts

Published on 9th of October 2023

Diversifying your content strategy is a vital component of achieving success on Instagram. That includes creating and uploading Carousel posts to deliver to your audience. This feature allows you to add up to 10 videos or images that people can swipe or click through, and many do just that until the very end. In fact, Carousel posts have the highest engagement level of all Instagram posts, making them a must-use for marketers and creators. Check out some ways you can add these posts into the mix.

  • 1. Show Off the Big Reveal

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    Do you ever share before and after photos with your followers? For instance, maybe you market makeup and like to show people what they will look like before and after using your products. Additionally, you might promote a home organization business and like to show the world what homes look like before and after you get to work.

    Before and after posts are excellent for showing off your products and services and getting lots of engagement. Fortunately, you can showcase your skills or products with before and after Carousel posts.

    Because you can add up to 10 photos or videos, you can have several big reveals in a single post. That’s a good idea since Carousel posts that use all 10 slides have the highest engagement rate.

  • 2. Put Your Customer Reviews on Display

    Have you accumulated some customer reviews you’d like to show your followers? You can share them with the masses by compiling the best ones in a Carousel. Add a new review for each slide and include product photos so people can associate the review with the product. Your followers will get more and more excited as they click through the slides, and you can close the deal by adding product tags. Then, your followers can buy your products inside of Instagram. Keep in mind that you need to enable Instagram Shopping to do this.

  • 3. Tell a Story

    Whether you are a single creator or have a big brand, you have a story to tell. Fortunately, Carousel posts make it easy to tell that story. First, start with an image that aligns with your page’s aesthetic. Then, you can include photos that take viewers through your story. For instance, you can include an image of your first office or an image of your team designing the first product. Continue through the slides to give people the complete story. The more compelling your story is, the more likely people will click through to the very last slide.

  • 4. Go Behind the Scenes

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    You can also give your followers some insight into your brand by taking them behind the scenes in a Carousel post. People crave this kind of content because it tends to be more authentic. While you might spend hours preparing most content for your page, behind-the-scenes content is unfiltered and real. Thus, you can build trust on Instagram while connecting with your followers by delivering this type of content.

  • 5. Highlight Your Products

    Do you have a large product lineup? Your followers might not know which product to choose, but you can provide guidance with a Carousel post. You’ll just need to upload a range of products and highlight the differences.

    You can also use the slides to show off product variations or to compile a gift or shopping guide. In each instance, you’ll want to add product tags so people can buy something they like without having to find it on your website.

  • 6. Provide a Tutorial

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    Do you want to show your audience how to do something? If so, a tutorial is much too long for a standard feed post. Thus, you can create a tutorial or how-to guide with a Carousel post.

    For instance, you can show people how to apply a full face of makeup if you’re in the makeup niche. On the other hand, if you have a complicated product, you can explain how to use it.

    As with other Carousels that contain products, be sure to include product tags.

  • 7. Create a Press Release

    If you have something important to share with your audience, you can do just that with a Carousel post. Break your message up into slides so people can click through and get more information. Be sure to include short snippets of text on each slide so viewers aren’t overwhelmed. You’ll find that messages are much easier to digest this way, so your big announcement will reach lots of people.

  • 8. Repurpose a Blog Post in Listicle Form

    Listicles are popular online. People love the way they can receive a lot of information without a ton of effort on their part. Thus, look at your current blog to see if you have a post you can repurpose into a listicle. Then, add it to multiple Carousel slides. This is a fantastic option if you need to come up with a post but don’t have a lot of time to put into it. By repurposing existing content, you can meet your content needs quickly.

  • 9. Shine the Spotlight on Others

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    Do you want to give a shout-out to others in your industry? You can accomplish that with a Carousel post. Come up with a theme, such as local small businesses, and then celebrate some in your Carousel. You might discover that small businesses pay it forward by spotlighting your account on Instagram as well. Thus, you can expand your reach while helping out others.

Start Using Carousels Today

These ideas will help you get off to a good start when posting Carousels on Instagram. Then, check your engagement levels to make sure your posts are performing. As with feed posts, people can like, share, and comment on Carousels, so you can gather a nice amount of engagement.

What if you create a killer Carousel and no one notices? That can easily happen due to Instagram’s algorithm that rewards engagement. Basically, you have to receive engagement to reach more people. Of course, if you don’t reach more people, getting lots of engagement can be a real challenge. You can overcome the obstacle by purchasing real Instagram likes. Then, your post can start spreading like wildfire.

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