Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Creator Studio

October 14, 2022

If you spend much time marketing on Facebook, you’ve probably come across its Creator Studio. You can use the tool to manage posts, get insights, and more. What you might not realize is Creator Studio has come to Instagram. You can use this nifty tool as long as you have a Business or Creator account.

Instagram Creator Studio shares some similarities with the Facebook version, but there are some key differences as well. Because of that, you need to study up, even if you’ve used Creator Studio on Facebook. Find out how to connect to Instagram Creator Studio and learn about the various features. 

Connecting to Instagram Creator Studio

Free Photo of Laptop Near Plant Stock PhotoYou need to access Creator Studio on Facebook to connect your Instagram account. When you navigate to Creator Studio on Facebook, you’ll see an Instagram icon at the top. If your Facebook Page and Instagram account are already connected, you just need to click “Connect Your Account.” 

If you don’t want to connect your pages, you can still add Instagram to the Creator Studio. Facebook will ask for our login details and provide some additional instructions. Just follow those to connect Instagram to the Creator Studio.

Choosing Roles for Instagram Creator Studio

Once you connect your account, you can assign roles. This allows you to give others access to Creator Studio to help with your marketing efforts. 

Creator Studio has the following roles:

  • Admin

  • Editor

  • Moderator

  • Advertiser

  • Analyst

Admins, editors, and moderators can:

  • View insights

  • Respond to direct messages and comments

Advertisers and analysts can read the insights. They aren’t allowed to read or comment on posts or messages. 

Using Instagram Creator Studio

Once your account is connected, you’ll be ready to use Instagram Creator Studio. Let’s go over the various tabs and features.

Create Posts

selective focus photography of person taking picture of brown foodYou can post to your feed and on IGTV through the Creator Studio. Begin by clicking on the upper left-hand side of the page. Then, you can choose between creating a post to your feed or an IGTV post. You can access the same features as when posting on Instagram, plus the option to cross-post on Facebook.

You can also schedule your posts inside the Creator Studio. This is a great option if you want to give yourself some breathing room on Instagram. Once you schedule some posts in advance, you won’t have to come up with fresh content each day.   


Free Calendar on Mobile Phone Stock PhotoThe idea of scheduling posts might make you a little nervous. After all, it’s easy to forget what you’ve scheduled. Then, you could end up with too much or not enough content throughout the week.

Fortunately, Instagram Creator Studio includes a calendar. Use it to see a weekly or monthly view of your scheduled posts. The calendar also shows the posts you’ve already published. Using the calendar will help you plan the content for your page. 

Content Library

You can use the Content Library to see everything you’ve posted on Instagram. It also includes all the archived Stories on your account. The tool allows you to filter by date or status and view different content types. You can also use the search bar if you’re looking for a specific post. 

You’ll notice three dots next to each post.  If you click on the dots, you can perform additional actions, such as publishing a draft or deleting a post. You can also click ‘View Post” to see analytics. 

The analytics are broken into two categories: interactions and discovery. Interactions show you how many replies and profile visits you received from the post. Discovery breaks down the impressions, follows, navigation, and more. You’ll also see how many accounts that post reached.


person using Android smartphoneYou can access more analytics on the “Insights” tab inside Creator Studio. The tab has the same insights you can view inside of Instagram’s app. However, while the app shows 30 days of insights, Creator Studio only provides insights for the last seven days. Because of that, you’ll still need to review analytics inside the Instagram app. 


person holding 100 US Dollar banknoteFinally, there is a monetization tab that features the Brand Collabs Manager. You have to meet the eligibility requirements to access this feature. 

First, you need to have at least 10,000 followers. If you’re short on followers, start by buying Instagram likes. Increasing engagement through likes will help you get more exposure. That, in turn, will help you increase your follower count. 

Next, you need to meet the engagement requirement. You must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Have 100 hours of watch time on your original videos in the last 60 days

  • Have a combined 1,000 likes and comments in the last 60 days

Again, buying Instagram likes can help you meet these qualifications. You can increase your engagement instantly by purchasing real Instagram likes. 

Once you meet the eligibility requirements, you have to submit an application to access the monetization tools. If you’re approved, you’ll have access to the Brand Collabs Manager.

You can use this tool to browse through project briefs from brands. If you find a brief that interests you, you can respond to it. 

You can also upload a media kit and portfolio inside of the Brand Collabs Manager. Plus, you can include previous partnerships and information about your audience.

If you want to collaborate with a brand, you can create new deals inside the tool. Then, you can manage the partnership and share project insights. 

This tool also makes it easier for brands that want to partner with influencers. Brands can also search through the tool to find influencers. As a result, they can reach out to influencers instead of waiting for someone to connect them. Plus, they can use the tool to manage the partnership on their side and measure the campaign’s performance.

Connect to the Creator Studio Today

With so many features, it’s clear that connecting to Instagram’s Creator Studio is a wise choice. The studio will make it easier to manage your campaigns and schedule posts. Plus, you can use it to find and manage partnerships. Connect your account today, so you can start using these features.

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