Build Hype With Instagram’s “Add Reminder” Feature

Build Hype With Instagram’s “Add Reminder” Feature

Published on 4th of July 2023

Does it seem like no matter what you do, you can’t build up hype for product launches, events, and live streams on Instagram? It might be because people forget about the upcoming event, forcing them to miss something they wanted to attend.

Fortunately, you can fix this problem with Instagram’s “Add Reminder” feature. Once you add it to your feed posts, people can sign up for reminders. Then they won’t miss out when you launch products, host events, and more. Learn more about the “Add Reminder” feature so you can start using it today. Also, get some tips to help you build additional hype for your launches and events.  

Adding Reminders to Your Feed Posts

Instagram makes it as easy as can be to add reminders to your feed posts. Start by creating a post like normal and then click “Add Reminder.” Then you’ll be prompted to add the name of the event and the start time. Once you enter all the information, tap “Done” to include the reminder on your post.

What Happens When People Opt-in?

People who view your post can opt-in to receive reminders. Then Instagram will do the work for you. It’ll send an activity feed notification a full day before the event so people can mark their calendars. Then it’ll send another notification 15 minutes before you begin and another when the event starts. With three reminders, you should notice that a lot more people attend your events. 

Time Limits on Reminders

clear hour glass beside pink flowersInstagram does have limits in place for adding reminders. You can set a reminder up to three months before the big day. However, you must set it at least an hour in advance. For example, if you’re hosting an event at 10 a.m. on Feb. 15, you’ll need to add the reminder by at least 9 a.m. that same day. Of course, it’s even better if you can add it earlier than that to help you build hype around the event or product launch. 

Adding to the Hype for Launches and Events

The “Add Reminder” feature will help people remember your events. However, only those who see your post will be able to benefit from it. Thus, you should also incorporate some additional tips to increase your exposure.

Buy Real Instagram Likes

If you want to increase your exposure on an instant, buy real Instagram likes for the posts with the “Add Reminder” feature. The reason for this comes down to Instagram’s algorithm.

Instagram’s algorithm analyzes a bunch of different factors to determine which posts to display. Basically, it wants to make sure that it promotes posts that people want to see to ensure they enjoy their time on the site.

Instagram can’t read people’s minds, so it checks engagement rates when choosing posts. If a post has a high engagement rate, Instagram assumes that others will like it as well. 

That’s where buying real Instagram likes comes into play. You can give your post an instant engagement boost by purchasing likes. Instagram will notice the high engagement level and show the post to more people, including those that don’t currently follow your account. Thus, you can build even more hype and excitement around your product launches and events after purchasing likes for your posts.

Add a Custom Hashtag to Your Post

red and white polka dot car toyYou can also help build hype by adding a custom hashtag to your post. Think about your audience and the event before brainstorming hashtag ideas. Then come up with something catchy and easy to remember and spell. Include the hashtag in any posts about your event.

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble coming up with a hashtag. You can find inspiration by reviewing your competitors’ posts. Look for custom hashtags they’ve created for their posts and use those as a guide when creating your own.

Go Beyond Words

When you have event information to share, it’s easy to get bogged down in words and forget about images. However, you need eye-catching images to get people to take notice on Instagram. Come up with images that will make people stop in their tracks, so they’ll read your post and sign up for reminders.

And don’t worry if your first image doesn’t work. You can go back to the drawing board and try other images until you find something that resonates with your audience.

Add Countdown Posts

You can keep the excitement going with a countdown for your event. Create some countdown posts and add them to your feed to remind your followers that the event is getting closer. Also, use the countdown sticker when using Stories to promote the event. You don’t want to bombard your audience with countdown posts but sprinkle them in to build awareness and excitement. 

Promote the Event Across Social Media Channels

Your event might be on Instagram, but you don’t have to limit yourself to the app when building hype. Let your followers on other social media sites know that you have an upcoming event. Also, point them toward your Instagram reminder posts so they can sign up for reminders as well. 

Doing this has another benefit, too. Some of your followers might not realize you have an Instagram presence. Thus, you can build your followers while generating hype when you do this.

Use All of Instagram’s Features

You can add a reminder to your feed post, but don’t stop there when it comes to promoting your event on Instagram. Use various Instagram features,, including Stories and Reels, to grow awareness. Be sure to let viewers know they can head over to your feed and sign up for reminders so that they won’t miss out on the fun. 

Make Your Next Event a Success With These Tips

You can build lots of excitement around your events by following these tips. Remember to buy Instagram likes after publishing your reminder posts so you can increase your reach and exposure. Then, when it’s time to go live or launch your product, your audience will be tuned in and ready to take action. That will make it much easier to reach your Instagram marketing goals.

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