4 Unique Things You Can Do To Gain Exposure On Instagram

4 Unique Things You Can Do To Gain Exposure On Instagram

Published on 8th of August 2021

You’ve tried everything you’ve read on articles about Instagram to gain more likes, followers, and comments. You use hashtags in every post, you run ads on your products, and you post three times a day. Unfortunately, none of that has worked for you yet, and you’re at a complete loss. Yes, it gained you some followers and engagement in the beginning, but that stopped a couple of months ago.

You want to grow your brand or business, or you want to become an influencer, and that’s difficult to do when you’re not gaining any traction or momentum. So, you’re stuck. What do you do? Well, in this article, we’re going to cover just that. If you haven’t had any success with what every post tells you to do, then we’re going to talking about four unique things you can do to gain more exposure on Instagram.

1. Create a hashtag

Many brands create hashtags. So, while the concept may not be unique, the hashtag and its space will be unique to you. That’s the significant part. Branded hashtags allow you to create a community around you or your company’s brand. Your most loyal followers will be excited to discover this hashtag, and they won’t hesitate to use it because being a part of that space will make them feel as though they’re a part of your brand—a part of your family.

If you’re interested in creating a branded hashtag, here are a few tips. First, come up with a reason for a hashtag. Brands usually create a hashtag that allows users to upload pictures of the brand’s product (i.e., a selfie with the brand’s hat, a photo of a brand’s poster over a desk), giving them user-generated content. Your hashtag could also be to help your followers connect and interact with others, for your followers to have a place where you can engage with them, and so on.

Next, you need to create a hashtag that’s short and sweet (and readable). For example, if you’re a photographer named Steve Works, and you have a company called Perfect Portraits, and you want to encourage beginner photographers to share their portraits, these are example hashtags:

  • #myperfectportrait
  • #stevemademe
  • #portraitforsteve
  • #workforworks

Finally, share the hashtag, and encourage your followers to use it. If you’re interested in learning more about branded hashtags, check out “5 Ways to Rock a Branded Instagram Hashtag,” by Later.

2. Run ads on your content

When people read that they should run ads, they automatically think to run ads on a product they’re selling. They jump ahead and promote their e-books, courses, and other items. However, if you’re trying to grow, running ad campaigns on what you’re selling can be counterproductive.

If you don’t have that many followers yet, then that means you’re targeting people who have no idea who you are. Let me ask you something: do you usually purchase from people you don’t know and trust? Maybe you buy from strangers on Facebook Marketplace or apps like OfferUp, but Instagram ads work differently. Users will not purchase from an ad if they don’t know who you are.

Instead, you should be paying for ads that boost your content. Run ads on the photos that promote your new blog post, carousels that announce your latest video, and content that’s meant to give value or inspire, be it a quote or a picture with a great caption.

When you buy these ads, you won’t get any money in return the way you would with a paying product, but you will gain eyes on your content, page, and eventually, followers. That’s what you’re looking for right now. Instagram users need to get to know you before you shove a post in their face that screams, “Show me the money!”

3. Create distinctive content

How can you turn one popular piece of content into something special? While this may sound like a question with no answer, don’t think too hard about it. Write down some ideas that pop to mind on a sheet of paper. Even if what you write down is an idea you’ve seen before but haven’t seen it often is a great thing to put down.

Here are examples of unique content.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk’s quotes

While everybody shares famous or personal quotes on images they’ve downloaded from Unsplash or on a plain-colored background, Vaynerchuk’s teams type his quotes on pictures of him. The number one thing people love to see on Instagram is pictures of people. It is what the entire platform is about when you think about it. So, this is how he stands out—quotes on images of himself.

2. Products that don’t stand by themselves

Anyone can take a picture of a t-shirt, mug, or sticker. You set the item down on the desk, the floor, or your bed, and you snap a picture and upload it to Instagram. Not only is this too sales-y for Instagram users, but it’s also lame and overused. That’s not to say you can’t do this, but make sure it’s not the only thing you do.

Share the product with a pretty background, a clean setup, or place things around it. Look at the examples above for inspiration.

3. Be crazy

Marie Forleo is one of the people who come to mind when we hear the words, “crazy,” “funny,” and “entertaining.” She’s herself. Her content stands out because she’s an entrepreneur, but she has fun with her pictures anyway. You don’t need to do things that would make you uncomfortable, but put yourself out there.

4. Use apps to create your stories

To specify, I am not referring to recorded stories. I’m talking about pictures you share in stories. While you can easily take a photo and upload it to your story, what if you could make it stand out? When people see something quirky on social media, they stop to look at it because they haven’t seen it before.

Some Instagram users view stories so quickly that it’s a wonder how they’re taking in the content. Creating Instagram stories that are different from what they usually see can make users stop in their tracks.

Use the following apps to create stories:

  • Canva
  • Font Candy
  • Panoram
  • Unfold
  • CutStory
  • Story Art
  • Featured

Check out this article, 8 Free Apps That Will Make You Instagram Posts (And Stories) Stand Out, for more ideas on unique content!

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