4 Ways To Get Readers Onto Your Blog Through Instagram

4 Ways To Get Readers Onto Your Blog Through Instagram

Published on 10th of February 2019

The only way to get readers onto your blog is by spreading the word. The powerful thing about social media is that it’s a platform that allows you to do just that. If you know how to leverage social media the right way, you have the potential of reaching hundreds, and even thousands, of people every day.

When you reach those people, you want to know how to persuade them to visit your profile page and click the link you’ve provided to your blog. There’s a lot of noise on Instagram, but you can reach people, just like everyone else.


How to promote your blog through instagram

1. Promote your blog on your profile

Your profile is where people go to follow you. If someone clicks your profile picture after finding a post of yours in a hashtag, you want to make a good first impression. One way to make a good first impression is to establish yourself as an expert or as someone who can provide value.

You do this by mentioning who you are in your bio. We’re not going to talk about how to write an Instagram bio, but we will say this. The first thing you want to write is that you’re a [blank] blogger. For example, you can say something like “Lifestyle blogger - I write about my life and make it sound more exciting than it actually is.”



2. Share your blog posts

The first step you’re supposed to take after you upload a blog post is to share it. You’d be surprised how many people don’t take this step for reasons such as, they care about what others think about them, or they’re afraid that no one will click and read. However, how do you expect to get readers if you’re not promoting your own articles?

Thanks to the multiple options to share what’s going on in your life on Instagram, there are also numerous ways to share your blog posts.



First, share it as a picture on the regular timeline. You can create a post on Canva with a quote from your article, or take a screenshot of the article and share it.

In your caption, specify that the quote is from your new blog post. Take a moment to explain what the article is about. You’re a writer, so you know what words to use that will intrigue your followers and get them to your article. Finally, give them a call to action by saying something like, “To read the article, click the link in my bio!” or just “Link in bio.”



While you can post the same picture you used for the post on your Instagram story, it’s better if you do something different. One thing you can do is take a screenshot of your profile page, doodle over the new post, and create curiosity by saying, “New blog post… wonder what it’s about?”

You can also record yourself talking about it. Summarize the article, tell people how they can read it, and get them excited. Find a way to get them to engage, too. You can use a poll sticker that reads “Will you read it?” You can also find a GIF under the key word “excited.” Utilize all of the tools available to you for the best results.



We’ve talked over and over again about the importance of sharing behind-the-scenes, but this time it’s specific to this topic. If you’re sharing behind-the-scenes, then you get the opportunity to build hype and intrigue. You take this chance to pre-promote your article, and once the blog post is released, people will be ready, and read it once, it’s out.

There’s an abundance of ways to do this, and don’t hesitate to let your creativity spark new ideas.

You can have someone take a picture of you as you’re writing the blog post. In the caption, you could write about how you got inspired, and are now writing a new blog post that will be up tomorrow.

You can also take a screenshot, and give a sneak peek of your blog post. It can be an inspirational or funny quote, or even the beginning of a story they won’t read anywhere else. Sneak peeks are powerful because it gives people no choice but to read your article once it’s released to know what happens next or to see what other value you provide.

Finally (well, not finally, but you know what I mean) you can take a picture of what inspired you. If you happened to be looking at the sunset, and it’s pinks and oranges inspired you to write an article about life, take a picture, and thank it in your caption. If you were drinking coffee from your Supergirl mug that led to the article about your latest theory on the show, record a story and say, “This mug just gave me an idea for the next article.” People will love it.



4. Run ads

While the examples above are ways that you can promote your blog through Instagram for free, you don’t want to rule out paid ads. If used correctly, you can reached thousands of people and gain new readers. While running ads to promote your blog isn’t going to make you any money, it’s an investment you have to be willing to make. This is the type of ad that’s good for the long run.

You can run ads on your blog posts or free lead magnets that you’ve created. There are different types of ways to promote your blog as an ad. You can promote a picture, a video, a carousel, or a story. You have to create something that will make people stop in their tracks.

You can do this by adding text that pops out, adding subtitles to your video, or making it colorful. It’s good to know your ideal audience so that you’re targeting the right people. It may take a few experiments to get your ads right, but like we said, this is an investment worth making.

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