The Ultimate Guide to Hot Instagram Trends for 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Hot Instagram Trends for 2024

Published on 29th of April 2024

Trends make the Instagram world go round. There were so many fantastic trends in 2023, and they're set to continue in 2024. If you want a content overhaul or to introduce your brand to Instagram in 2024, you would do well to remember the following trends and incorporate them into your strategy.

Authentic, Engaging Content

Instagram users have spoken and what they want in 2024 is zero overly sales-oriented or polished-to-a-tee content. Instead, as they have done in 2023, Instagram audiences crave genuine connections and experiences with the brands they buy from. They want content that speaks to their situation and their lives. They want something they can have genuine conversations about and something that relates to life as it is now.

This trend is highly evident in the rise of authentic influencers. Gone are the days of perfectly made-up people sitting pretty in front of softly filtered cameras and telling people something that sounds (and is) too good to be true. In 2024, influencers will continue sharing their unfiltered lives with their followers, and Instagram audiences expect brands to do the same.

This means you need to throw your sales script out the window on January 1 and start working on engaging with your audience on a real level.

Content Created by Instagram Users

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User-generated content (UGC) was huge this year, and it’s about to become an even bigger hit in 2024. UGC is created by Instagram users who want to showcase their experience with a particular brand. It is often trusted more than anything a brand can come up with. UGC is also more likely to be shared on Instagram, creating the potential for viral content.

In 2024, brands will continue to rely on UGC and so should you. This is one of the best and quickest ways to build a lasting relationship with your Instagram audience. You can also use UGC to run contests or create online giveaways. Encourage users to tag your brand in their photos or videos or share it with their friends, and you’re good to go.

Short-form Videos

Short-form videos, or reels, are not going anywhere in 2024. Instagram will be looking to gain even more of a foothold with this type of content and build on the more than 140 billion reels played across its platforms daily. Around 15 seconds long, reels encourage quick watching. You can use this video format in 2024 to capture your audience’s attention and tell a story in a short time.

Like UGC, reels are highly shareable, so you have a better chance of going viral if you invest in your short-form video game. In 2024, brands will see more reels on their Explore page, and they can expect to see more features and tools from Instagram to help them create better videos.

Virtual Reality Technology

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There is no running away from VR. It’s here and it is here to stay. Virtual reality technology allows you to take your marketing efforts to a brand new level. You can use it to immerse your audience in your brand. For instance, if you have a clothing brand, you can use VR to allow your followers to try on some of the clothes virtually. If you have an interior decorating business, you can use VR to encourage your audience to explore how certain furniture pieces or décor will look in their homes.

VR is also the pinnacle of storytelling. Instead of telling your audience about your brand and products, you can effectively show them. The possibilities are endless, with virtual showrooms, events, tours, etc. If you have ever done a virtual museum tour, you will know how incredible the technology can be.

Moreover, VR can improve your customer support system by providing virtual assistance and troubleshooting. Many businesses have already created virtual tutorials and product simulations. They also offer live support using VR avatars. You cannot ignore this incredible trend in 2024 if you want to create impactful brand awareness campaigns.

If you do not have much experience with VR, you can collaborate with a VR developer, depending on your budget. You can also adapt existing VR content to align with Instagram’s VR platform. Additionally, you can promote your brand VR experiences using Stories, Reels, and in-fee posts.

Augmented Reality Brand Marketing

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AR (augmented reality) continues transforming the way brands interact with consumers on Instagram. And AR is poised to become an even bigger part of brand marketing on this platform in 2024. You will give yourself the potential to revolutionize your Instagram footprint by incorporating AR in your marketing strategy.

You can start with AR filters, which are already a staple on Instagram. Develop customer AR filters that align with your brand identity, products, or campaigns. This can go hand-in-hand with getting your customers to try out your products virtually. Level up by using AR to enhance your brand’s Instagram shopping experience. Enable virtual try-ons, product comparison tools, and personalized recommendations. You can also use AR to host events like virtual fashion shows or virtual facility tours.

You can even gamify your content using AR to attract a Gen Z audience. This means you can create AR-powered games around your brand messaging, products, and services.

Social Commerce

Finally, social commerce will be bigger than ever in 2024. Social commerce refers to buying and selling products and services directly on Instagram. And the platform is making it easier than ever to do that with features like product tags, shoppable posts, and shoppable Stories.

This trend will explode as more Instagram users become comfortable shopping on social media. Your business can benefit from this by using Instagram’s built-in features to create exclusive shoppable content.

Stay Ahead of the Trend Curve in 2024

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As you explore these trends for 2024, remember to get the other aspects of your social media marketing strategy in order. Prioritize mobile-first content and use Instagram Insights to find your target audience and observe your content performance. Make the time to engage with your followers and participate in conversations.

Use different content formats to maintain consistent branding across your Instagram feed and other social media accounts. By following these steps and embracing trends, you will continue to connect with your Instagram audience in 2024 and achieve your marketing goals.

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