How Social Sentiment & Customer Satisfaction Can Boost Brand Loyalty

How Social Sentiment & Customer Satisfaction Can Boost Brand Loyalty

Published on 7th of March 2023

Social media is no doubt a powerful marketing tool for brands to gauge customer sentiment and loyalty.

Social sentiment is the general tone of conversations existing and potential buyers have about your brand on social platforms.

These sensibilities can be positive or negative, and it's essential to monitor not only social sentiment but customer satisfaction as a whole.

What is social sentiment? Why is it essential to your brand?

Social sentiment explained

Social sentiment refers to an audience's general sentiment—i.e., viewpoints, opinions, and emotions—relating to a brand or product/service.

By analyzing these sentiments, you unlock insights into what your prospects, first-timers, and patrons think and feel.

This helps influencers, marketers, and business owners better understand their customers’ perspectives—improving satisfaction, loyalty, brand evangelism, and ultimately triggering a network or ripple effect.

Social sentiment is the #1 factor to consider when analyzing customer relations. The better your ratings are on social media outlets, the more likely you'll be to retain buyers.

You dig this out by doing sentiment research on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It can also be determined when looking at feedback from customers who’ve had direct contact with your brand or product.

Sentiment analysis explained

Social sentiment analysis is all about looking at people's sentiment about a specific topic on social media. Point in case: a product, service, personal or corporate brand.

So, sentiment reports are documented evaluations of how people feel about a given brand. They have an enormous impact on marketing, advertising, and other areas of business.

Social media is a viable and cheaper alternative to traditional research methods like surveys and focus groups.

It provides access to insights, opinions, and sentiments that can be difficult or impossible to gauge otherwise.

To actualize this, you need a sentiment analysis tool. These tools measure emotional responses on your social channels.

Essentially, they’re a quantitative customer experience approach that helps to identify patterns and trends. They can track how many people engage with a brand and what they say about it, how they say it, and when they do.

What is a customer satisfaction score? Why is it essential to your brand?

A CSAT score is a Key Performance Indicator that measures the satisfaction of your buyers. 

It's a weighted index that ranks the happiness of customers compared to their dissatisfaction.

To measure your brand or product’s score, find out how likely it is for existing buyers to recommend you to someone else, identify the things that make them unhappy, figure out how easy it was for them to do business with you, etc.

Ask them and yourself as many questions as possible regarding their satisfaction or otherwise.

Now, add all the satisfied responses, divide the amount by the total number of responses, and multiply by 100 to get your percentage. We consider a CSAT score healthy when it exceeds 70%.

As you can see, customer satisfaction touches on so many aspects of a brand—which is why your social media presence has to be solid and satisfactory.

One wrong caption or insensitive post can activate a negative ripple effect on your ratings.

The most common reason for unsatisfactory customers is under-performing service standards. So, to improve your CSAT score, you need to recognize what your customers say, how they behave, and how to satisfy them all the way.

What you can do

If you have negative sentiments or a poor satisfaction score, please put your current strategy on hold. Re-evaluate the content you produce and your approach to social media marketing.

You need to figure out how to increase your numbers, so they are positive or at least neutral. Figure out why people are reacting negatively to your brand, and try different strategies to fix it.

For example, if they comment on how expensive your product is, find ways to lower your price.

There are several reasons social sentiment and customer satisfaction data should interest businesses and influencers.

Another use case of these data is to strengthen competitive intelligence by giving you insights into what your competition is up to.

They also give a better understanding of the social media behaviors of your audience. Brands get to discern what their customers like and what they dislike.

By extension, they reveal how followers prefer to be communicated with.

Tips for boosting social media sentiment and customer satisfaction score

Well, it's vital to come up with a solid social media strategy to grow your company's online presence.

If you're not an expert in social marketing yet, here’s one rule to always remember: only create content that your target audience will find interesting, inspiring, informative, or anything in-between.

Creating engaging content is easier said than done, though. Take some time to think about what type of content your audience wants or needs. You should also think about how that content type can positively affect your brand reputation.

Besides content creation, you should leverage content optimization. Follow basic methods to optimize it for search engines and include keywords relevant to your industry.

Eventually, you’ll need to track the success of your SMM strategy. And some of the most reflecting metrics to look at are social sentiment and customer satisfaction. This is where the tools and techniques above come into play.

And when you find what works for your brand regarding positive sentiments and high customer satisfaction, focus on it. Make it your social media fuel.

Final thoughts

Social media is an increasingly valuable channel for businesses to pursue in the interest of customer satisfaction.

These platforms can help foster a stronger relationship with customers, the key to creating sustained brand growth and loyalty.

Be careful, though. You should only post the right content while establishing brand consistency and engaging with viewers respectfully; that’s how you get better social feedback and happier customers.

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