Check Out Instagram’s New Messaging Features

Check Out Instagram’s New Messaging Features

Published on 11th of March 2024

Did you hear that Instagram added seven new messaging features for users on March 31? Because the features are so new, you might not know what they are or how to use them. Thus, let’s dig in so you can make use of the app’s latest offerings. Once you have the scoop, you’ll be ready to use these features to the fullest.

Reply to Messages While Browsing

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Don’t you hate it when you get a message notification while browsing Instagram? You have to go to your inbox to reply and lose your spot in the process. That’s frustrating, especially if you were in the middle of devouring some amazing content.

Fortunately, Instagram realized the frustration and fixed it by adding a new feature to reply while browsing. You can quickly fire off a reply and continue browsing without losing your place. Because this makes replying so much easier, you might find yourself responding to messages faster than usual. That’s great for customer service and can even help your friendships.

Share Content With Ease

It’s also frustrating to come across a piece of content you want to share, only to have to go to your inbox to send it. Now, you can quickly send content to friends without leaving your spot on the app. You’ll need to hold the share button and send the content right from your feed. It’s so simple to do that you can share with abandon on the app without feeling an ounce of frustration.

As a bonus, it’ll also be easier for people to share your content with others. That means you can increase your exposure quickly.

If you don’t think your content is getting as many shares as it should, you can buy Instagram likes, so your posts will get in front of more people. Instagram calculates the engagement rate when deciding which posts to show, and buying likes will give you the boost you need.

Connect With Online Friends in Chat

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Do you ever want to fire up a conversation with someone, but you aren’t sure if they’re around? That won’t be a problem anymore now that you can see who is online when your inbox is open. Look at the top of the inbox to find out which users are currently on the app, and then strike up a conversation. This is a great way to connect with friends and business partners that live halfway across the globe.

Send Song Previews

People often look for new music on social media, and Instagram has made it easier. Now, you can send your friends 30-second previews of your favorite tunes. Instagram worked with Amazon Music and Apple Music to make this happen, and Spotify is joining soon. With so many choices, you won’t have any trouble finding the songs you want to share.

Send Silent Messages

You never know when inspiration might strike. You could come up with a great idea in the middle of the night and want to share it with your business partner before you forget. In the past, you would probably worry about waking that person up with a middle-of-the-night notification, but Instagram has fixed that problem. Now, you can include @silent when sending a message. If you add that bit of text, Instagram won’t send a notification. You can then follow up the next day if the person misses the message.

Change up the Theme in Chat

Do you want your conversations to be relaxed and personal? While your words matter the most, you can set the right tone with the new low-fi chat theme. Then your chat background will contain a relaxed cat and a city skyline. It’s easy to kick back and connect with users when you have this theme in the background.

Poll Your Friends and Partners

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No matter how decisive you are, you’ll find yourself torn from time to time. You might narrow it down to a few ideas but find yourself stuck when it comes to making a decision.

If you use Facebook, you probably poll your friends through chat. Now, you can access the same feature on Instagram. Thus, you can create polls to find out which influencers to hire or what social media marketing strategy to pursue next. The new feature comes in handy when making big decisions such as what to eat for dinner or which movie to watch with friends.

Other Recent Updates

While these features are the newest to come out, Instagram has been busy mixing things up regarding messaging. In fact, the updates are so plentiful that it’s easy to miss one or two. Let’s go over a couple of the latest updates. If you’re familiar with them, you’ve stayed on top of the changes. However, if they take you by surprise, it’ll be a good idea to study up on the recent changes.

First, you can now find out if someone has read your messages after sending them. Just open your inbox and look for “seen.” If you see that, you’ll know the other person has opened the message and read it. You can then follow up if you’re still waiting for a reply.

It also added the Watch Together message feature. You can use it to watch Reels and other videos with friends using Messenger video chat. You can also use this feature to watch marketing videos to get some ideas for your account. After brainstorming, you’ll be ready to engage your audience with video marketing.

These are two of the most recent updates, but Instagram constantly tweaks its features, including those found in the inbox. Thus, there’s always something new and exciting going on inside the app.

What If You Don’t Have the New Features?

As with most releases, Instagram is rolling out these features slowly. If you don’t have access yet, they should be available soon. In the meantime, you can focus on your Instagram marketing strategy. Buying Instagram likes and other strategies will help you build a following while waiting.

Stay on Top of the Latest Features

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Users that embrace the latest features often have more success when marketing on Instagram. Thus, make use of these options while staying on top of new Instagram features and updates. If you stay on top of the changes, you’ll be on the right track to running a successful marketing campaign.

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