9 Types of Instagram Posts Proven to Increase Sales

9 Types of Instagram Posts Proven to Increase Sales

Published on 29th of February 2024

Visual content gets prioritized throughout all social media platforms, and its significance on Instagram is clear.

But now, there's the matter of how to make your visual content stand out from the rest. Many marketers are confused about what to share to help their brand flourish and sell more.

Posting high-quality images is a positive start, but it isn't enough to increase interest and draw more clients. Making your Instagram visuals stand out from the crowd is tough, but it's incredibly beneficial.

Thankfully, there are many types of posts that work well on the Gram. And with these 9 Instagram content ideas, you can grow your follower base to boost your website, business, or brand today.

What are the best Instagram content ideas that give you the most results?

For a business, there’s a variety of popular Instagram post types to choose from. Some content types draw new consumers and improve brand loyalty among existing ones.

Now, let's take a closer look at each one:

  • 1. Viral giveaways

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    The term "free" indeed has a lot of power. Many marketers use this in their social media posts to get people's attention.

    Contests, free stuff, and giveaways are among the most popular Instagram posts for acquiring new customers, so keep a check on that.

    When you give anything away for free, you stand to draw many people in; prospects who’re eager to try your product.

    It's also an excellent opportunity to raise the brand’s value and inspire some consumers to test your offerings for free. What do they have to lose by trying something different at no cost?

    This generally leads to more people purchasing from you.

  • 2. User-generated content

    UGC is a principal element of content marketing. It’s genuine, interactive, and resonates with people while serving as social evidence that others love your brand.

    It's absolutely a no-brainer. Plus, user-generated content gets a lot of publicity and engagement on Instagram.

    UGC has the advantage of being made by someone else, saving you time and resources.

    So, keep an eye out for public posts and inquire if you can share them on your page. Once approved, tag the creator and express your gratitude.

  • 3. Testimonials and product reviews

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    Try highlighting reviews from your existing clients.

    It not only shows prospective customers that you read their reviews and acknowledges what they have to say, but it also shows you're a trustworthy company with social proof.

    Seeing how happy customers are with your goods and services will be enough to persuade more people to purchase.

  • 4. Sneak peek posts

    Building excitement around a product is one of the most powerful ways to boost revenue. This is effective for new items, as consumers are keen to learn more about something fresh.

    Sneak peeks and preview stories are among the best Instagram posts to help you create hype about new products or about updating an existing product. Or even a sequence of promos with each update disclosing more detail.

    These Insta posts create suspense and intrigue the viewer. It can also include tidbits of more information to spark people's interest. Just ensure they're exciting enough for people to anticipate buying the stuff as soon as it goes up for sale.

  • 5. Behind-the-scenes posts

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    For driving performance, behind-the-scenes photographs, especially those taken by staff, are among the best Instagram posts.

    Consumers enjoy seeing behind-the-scenes footage of your brand and product development. These include images of how your goods or services are produced and videos of satisfied employees.

    You can even share some of your employee's posts about your business on Instagram.

    Behind-the-scenes content should seem "natural," not staged. For instance, no one in the video should appear awkwardly framed.

    Plus, it's not appropriate to use excessively high-quality, heavily-edited visuals for this. Transparency is essential here.

  • 6. Posts with product placement

    Product placements are another class of Instagram posts that will help you generate sales.

    Here, influencers make a post of them using your product or service. And since they rely on social evidence, product placement posts are often successful.

    These posts will draw in a whole new supply of prospective buyers since consumers focus a lot of their purchasing choices on what's happening among influencers.

  • 7. DIY posts

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    We all realize how DIY and informative how-to content dominates Pinterest. Well, this kind of content also performs pleasingly on Instagram.

    A significant number of users enjoy learning new ways to use a product, particularly if it appears to be easy, enjoyable, and actionable.

    You can post a single image or video that shows a portion of the DIY project (such as the finished product or the equipment required). This post (and its explanation) can direct visitors to your site's step-by-step guidance, essentially driving useful web traffic.

  • 8. Images with product tags

    Product tags are revolutionary. They allow you to tag every picture of your goods with a unique label that involves the product name and price.

    This instantly converts the post into a mini sales page. Thus, it is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful ways to increase sales directly from your Instagram feed.

    Posts with product tags succeed because they appear like every other content in the feed. They provide a more natural shopping experience for users as clicking directs them to the purchase tab, eliminating multiple steps from the purchasing process.

  • 9. Multi-image posts

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    Instagram posts and stories of serial images are a brilliant way to share a brand story.

    You may use them to tell a story about your product or to detail a fascinating narrative about your staff. These visuals allow you to experiment and be more imaginative with how you present various facets of your company.

    Using Instagram carousels is another smart strategy to boost sales, which should be focused on providing people with real-life experiences in just a post.

Key takeaways

With Instagram's latest algorithm dictating what posts users see first and how the app prioritizes content, it's more important than ever for advertisers to produce interesting visual content.

The 9 content ideas above work well on the platform and can suit any brand that wants to increase reach and sales in 2023 (and hopefully beyond).

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