10 Instagram Features You Didn’t Know Existed

10 Instagram Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Published on 10th of April 2024

Instagram was launched in 2010 and reached its first billion users in 2018. Today, Instagram boasts over 2.35 billion active users, including millions of business owners.

Instagram offers dozens of features to make it easy for users to gain followers and increase engagement. If you’re an Instagram user, you are most likely using Instagram Stories, IGTV, hashtags, and the creator studio.

But did you know several secret and lesser-known features exist to heighten the Instagram experience even further?

Read on to discover more about these features and how to use them.

1. Add Background Music to Instagram Stories

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If you’re struggling to figure out how to add trending background music to your Instagram Stories, the answer lies in Instagram’s music sticker. When you create a story, tap on the sticker icon. Select the music stick and tap on the name to add it. The sticker also has a slider bar for users to choose the music they want to use.

2. Share More Than One Photo Per Post

If you own a business and want to share multiple product photos or add a series of images of a recent holiday, you can add 10 at a time. You can even add 10 videos in one post. Select the group of pictures you want to post and drag them in the order you prefer. You can add descriptions and location tags to each. Once you post them, your followers can view all the images by swiping left on the first photo or video.

3. Turn on Vanish Mode

Recently several Instagram users have raised concerns about snoopers sneaking around their chats. If you share this concern, rest assured that you can chat privately with another user by turning on the Vanish Mode feature.

When sharing memes, images, GIFs, and messages with another user, all the content will disappear when you close the private chat. To turn on Vanish Mode, open the selected conversation and swipe upwards. If you want to turn it off, swipe up again.

In Vanish Mode, you can also block users and report inappropriate conversations.

4. Restrict Inappropriate Accounts

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You can also take things one step further and restrict interactions. The Restrict tool allows you to block comments, DMs, and notifications from someone you do not want to interact with.

Tap on the profile you want to restrict and tap on the three-dot icon. A menu will pop up from which you can choose Restrict. This feature is valuable when dealing with constant online harassment.

If you accidentally restrict someone, you can undo it by following the same process and tapping the Unrestrict option.

5. Moderate Comments

Unfortunately, like other social media platforms, Instagram isn’t exempt from bots and trolls. However, the company ensures users can moderate comments on their posts by selecting keywords to hide.

Tap on the menu icon on your profile and select Settings, Privacy, and Hidden Words. Select Manage Customer Words and Phrases and add the keywords you don’t want to see in the comments. Turn on Hide Comments and Hide Message Requests under Custom Words. Now, you will not have annoying and inappropriate comments or message requests coming through to your profile. This feature is also great for blocking spam.

You can also mute accounts you are not interested in or see too much of. Go to these account profiles, tap the three-dot icon, and select Mute.

6. Save Content in Folders

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You’re probably saving content on Instagram that you want to return to. When you click Save, the content automatically goes into your Saved section. In this section, you can arrange the content into different folders. Setting up folders makes it easier to find content again.

Select the Saved button on your profile menu and tap the “+” icon in the Saved area. Name the folder and then add the desired content to it.

7. Create Multiple Accounts

If you have varied interests or brands, you can create up to five interconnected Instagram accounts to cater to users who only want to see one of your products. You can add accounts fast by going to Options and selecting the Add New Account feature. The best part is you don’t have to produce different usernames and passwords, but you can use your existing details for all your added accounts.

You can add links to your stories using a link sticker and on IGTV videos by opening the story camera and tapping the link icon.

Did you know that you can also add a link to your bio? This link can be a URL that leads to your blog or website. You can also change the link when promoting a new product or service.

Adding this link can help boost traffic to your website because it is visible to more people.

9. Organize Your Favorite Filters

Chances are, you’re using a selected group of filters to create a cohesive brand look. Instead of searching for your favorite filters, you can arrange them so that they are always first in line. When you’re posting an image or video, click on Filters. Then, tap the one you want to use and hold it down. Then, drag it to the desired position. If you don’t want to see some of the remaining filters, you can move it to Drag to Hide.

10. Limit Screen Time

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We’ve all been there. You start scrolling and posting on Instagram, and when you look again, three hours have passed. To limit your screen time, you can use Instagram’s built-in timer. Tap on “Your Activity” and set a time restriction. Instagram also offers a daily reminder that will notify you of your timer restriction every day.


Instagram’s features are constantly updated and always evolving. They form an unmissable part of any social marketing strategy and can help increase engagement. Use Instagram’s secret and lesser-known features to create your brand story and establish your unique voice on the platform. Instagram will always gear toward business and aim to make its features as user-friendly as possible. If you’re not yet using features to enhance your brand, there is no time better than the present to get started.

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