Why You Need a Content Plan for Your Instagram Business (5 Reasons)

Why You Need a Content Plan for Your Instagram Business (5 Reasons)

Published on 6th of May 2024

When they first introduced Instagram, it took a while for it to take off. Fast forward to today, and it would interest you to know that the platform has grown remarkably well.

Most people who frequent this app are young adults between the ages of 18 and 29, according to reliable statistics. This age bracket has more or less moved their businesses here.

While tons of marketers now promote their offerings on the Gram, many people still fail to create a content plan for their IG business page.

This is why, in this article, we shall discuss some of the reasons why you need a content plan for your page. We'll briefly explain what a content plan is all about and enlighten you more on setting up a strategic plan.

What is a content plan?

Content planning is when you select and create pieces of content you aim to publish later. Basically, you’re creating various content topics and types ahead, to meet up with your audience's preferences.

Why you need a content plan for your Instagram business page?

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  • 1. To keep your audience up to date

    Let's face it, Instagram is not only for entertainment. Lots of businesses have also gathered momentum by using this platform.

    To reap such a benefit, you need to keep your audience up to date with a constant stream of posts by implementing a content plan.

    People easily lose interest when a page isn't being refreshed or updated, which is quite bad for business.

    So, it's expected that an Instagram business has an active page for viewers to consume content on what you value, what you're selling, and who you're selling to.

  • 2. To stay relevant

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    Digital marketing is quite saturated, as more people are trooping in to compete with existing brands.

    An Instagram business page needs a content plan in this instance because by having a plan and executing it, they tend to stay relevant.

    For instance, a woman who sells hair can showcase various hairstyles to stay relevant. Her competitor might get ahead if she fails to meet up with the content needs of her clients (both new and old).

  • 3. To trigger more and better engagements

    Another valid reason why a content plan is needed is to attain better engagement.

    Some brands have the best products but since they can’t drive enough engagement, they may never meet their business objectives.

    It would interest you to know that Instagram takes the crown when compared to most social media platforms. They deliver higher numbers of engagement per follower than Twitter, Facebook, and a couple of others.

    To this effect, when a content plan is in motion, it constantly boosts the engagement rate of that page. More viewers will start liking and bookmarking the page, and they may even engage with posts as they come regularly.

  • 4. To be easily located

    A lot of people fail to understand that when an Instagram business page has a content plan, it can also include the right hashtags for its audience.

    There’ve been countless times when targeted #tags led to a wide range of viewers. So, clever businesses have cultivated the habit of using trending topics for the benefit of their page.

    Notwithstanding, this kind of habit should be used appropriately to attract the right clients to a particular piece of content.

  • 5. To stay active when you’re not available

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    Some individuals plan tons of content ahead with the knowledge that they may not always be available to post.

    This is prevalent because if you have an impromptu emergency that needs to be addressed, you shouldn’t leave your page idle.

    Business page owners resort to using a content plan as this gives them some kind of freedom to work on other things.

    Aside from this, you can use content planning to post at specific and strategic times. For instance, people who work in the morning are less likely to go through social media. They’re likely too busy for that.

    To get the ideal time, calculate when your audiences usually use the Gram and then capitalize on those time frames. It’s usually from 5 to 7 pm.

    Furthermore, setting up a content plan is incredibly straightforward; in short:

    • Prepare your content feed ahead
    • Include hashtags that would work
    • Schedule to post at the appropriate time
    • Follow up on the results by using analytics.


Numerous Instagram business/creator pages decide not to post, mostly because they believe they don't have a valuable theme or are experiencing burnout.

This mindset would do the business page (or the whole brand) no good, which is why a content plan cannot be overemphasized. When done correctly, it has been useful to so many businesses.

So, having carefully explained the various reasons why you need a content plan for your Instagram business page, you should now work with these points to enhance the digital presence of your brand.

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