Top Instagram Hashtags For Summer 2018

Top Instagram Hashtags For Summer 2018

Published on 10th of September 2018

We all love posting our summer memories to Instagram, and for some seasonal businesses and brands, Summer snapshots can be their social bread and butter! __END_BLOG__ Because everyone loves posting the sun, sea and sensational ice creams, Instagram becomes flooded with more of the same each moment.


It’s your job to overcome this problem and rise above millions of similar photos – Otherwise your brand and message will sink beneath your competitions efforts.


Instagram is fierce and you need a way or method to stand above the crowd. Fortunately for you, there is a solution, carefully crafted hashtags.



So how are you meant to find the best hashtags to make your photos stand out?

  • It’s essential to pour over Instagram trending hashtags, this will keep you on your toes and at the head of the pack when new trends arise.
  • Take note of new topics and understand how trends change and interact with each season. You will quickly learn what to expect and make the most of seasonal trending hashtags.


This method takes a little time, but the extra exposure and new followers makes it well worth the effort!

  • As an extra part of the method, you must learn and understand how hashtags develop and emerge in response to specific events. Finding and researching the best hashtags for personal or business/branding use needs to be the first thing you do before even thinking about posting.


Your sunsets, sea and sand shots will sink beneath Instagram’s waves without carefully selected hashtags which balance popularity and relevance.


This is why we’ve challenged ourselves to create and dig up this summer’s best Instagram hashtags. So here are some ideas and how you can properly use these to get maximum exposure of yourself or your brand.

Tip #1: Be Specific.

Based on our professional experience and what really drives results, 3 optimized and trending Summer hashtags are worth a million times more than 30 random, unfocused or insanely popular Summer hashtags. The good ol’ saying “quality over quantity” is applicable to using hashtags as well.


Here is an example of what we consider as a vague, lazy attempt to get more likes and exposure that everybody else seems to post: #Sunset #FirstDayOfSummer #Summer2018 #SunShine #Beach #Hot #SummerTime #Summer Party #SummerNight #SummerLove #Sun #SummertimeWeather


As you can see in the above hashtags set, there is nothing specific or relevant to your brand that may catch your target audience’s attention.


If 1000s of other companies use the same hashtags, you are in for a rude awakening--you simply won’t get the exposure you wish to get as people won’t be able to find you.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are companies that will use only too specific hashtags that people hardly ever check out, which is also counterproductive e.g

  • #fishrodsforexperiencedfishermen
  • #32inchwirefishtapekit


The key to use the most efficient hashtags for your brand is to combine some general tags with specific ones that are relevant to your brand, niche, and target audience.


For example, let’s assume you are a wine making company. A good mix of general and specific hashtags would be:

  • #Firstdayofsummer
  • #Lastdayofsummer
  • #Summerwine
  • #SummerParties
  • #SummerRedWine
  • #PinotNoir
  • #SummerChampagne
  • #YourBrand


Starting from a few more general ones and then working your way to the ones that are more specific and closer to what you have to offer, is generally a very effective method to gain more likes and followers from your hashtag campaign.



Tip #2: Post regularly.

Besides proper hashtag optimization, you also have to think of a good frequency to post your hashtags to keep the social juice flowing. This is also important when it comes to the platform feeding results as well due to the fact that the Instagram algorithm prioritizes more frequently posted hashtags as opposed to those being posted more sporadically.


A good frequency of posting new hashtags is between 3-5 times a week or almost daily, if you have the time and effort to spare. Of course, it would be unwise to keep posting spam and excessive sets of hashtags just for the sake of keeping up - so make sure that your hashtags are optimized and relevant as well.



Tip #3: Follow and engage with locals.

Instagram is a multi-way social interaction platform and it is best to make the first step and interact with your market or seek partners instead of just sitting and waiting for others to check out and follow your brand.


One method to do so is partnering up with some more popular yet non-competitive brands in your niche and use their hashtags along with yours. Let’s say you are a new local car rental business and there is a well-known brand in your area hiring bikes and buggies. After making a deal with them, a good example of collaborative and regional-oriented hashtags would be:

  • #Carhiresummer
  • #HighSeasonCarhire
  • #SummerCarRentals
  • #Buggie&Bikerentals
  • #Londoncarhire
  • #WestLondoncarrentals
  • #YourBrand
  • #PartnerBrand


As long as it’s a not competitive business, your joined partnership efforts will multiply your exposure by 2X at least compared to promoting yourself only so get cracking and seek brands that will jointly help maximize your exposure!



Tip #4: Connect and follow in your niche

Besides partnering with other brands and using local hashtags so local clients can find you, you may also start following influencers around your niche or do promotional measures such as holding Instagram contests and giveaways that guide participants to do specific steps. e.g like and follow your postings to gain entries.


That way, you will give people some incentives and good reasons to check you out online without forcing anything. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. And don’t forget to use other social media together as well e.g Facebook or Twitter to gain and redirect some traffic from there as well.


Using more than one channels for the same marketing purpose always yields more exposure than simply focusing on one.


After all is said and done, the key to using summer 2018 hashtags to promote your business successfully is doing a research first to see what’s currently trending and then using a good mix of general, niche-specific, and local or partnership hashtags. Results are never fully guaranteed but by doing all the above, you will dramatically raise the odds of spreading the word and generating more buzz around your brand.

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