If You Want to Succeed on Instagram, Here Are 7 Things You Should be Doing Every Day

If You Want to Succeed on Instagram, Here Are 7 Things You Should be Doing Every Day

Published on 30th of July 2019

There are certain things you should be doing on Instagram every day if you want to be successful. Being consistent is very important because when you show you’re committed, your followers come to depend on you. Showing up permits your followers to trust you. You not only gain followers but keep them.

Are you willing to show up every day? I hope you are because we want you to succeed, and while you may make it far while being inconsistent, you’ll make it ten times farther by being there every day.


If you want to succeed on Instagram, here are 7 things you should be doing every day.


1. Uploading pictures/videos

It’s not something you can debate anymore. You must be uploading on Instagram every single day. Some people will tell you to post one to two times a day, others will say two to four (I’ve never heard anyone say more than four times a day), but that’s up to you. Do what’s best for your audience, and figure out what’s best by experimenting. The amount is debatable, but uploading is not.

You don’t just want to upload any content you create, you want to create engaging content. Upload pictures and videos that you know your followers will love so that you can get likes, bookmarks, shares, and comments. (You can view this information with a business profile.)



2. Creating Instagram stories

Instagram stories are very popular. According to Business News Daily, they’re more popular than Facebook Stories. You don’t just want to upload to the Instagram timeline every day, you want to upload stories too. Don’t worry about running out of content ideas because Instagram stories require different content.

In Instagram stories, you can record the view from your hotel, talk quickly about something you’re planning, or take pictures of what you’re working on. Instagram stories are behind-the-scenes, done-in-the-moment type of content, while regular posts are planned (if you’re a brand or business, that is). People will love to get an insight of your life in your stories.



3. Interacting with your followers in your stories

There aren’t any rules regarding how many Instagram stories you should upload per day. However, you should be uploading at least one story every day that allows your followers to engage with you. You can ask people to DM you if they have any questions, but the greatest thing you can do is use stickers.

There are numerous stickers available to you, but the questions, poll, and slider stickers are the ones that allow your followers to interact with you. With the questions sticker, your followers can ask you a question or vice versa. You can have a poll and let your followers vote with the poll sticker, and the slider sticker is great for figuring out how much your followers like or dislike something.



4. Replying to comments

You need to be replying to the comments under your posts. Your followers are taking the time to engage with you; the least you can do is interact back. You don’t have to reply to all of the comments if you have too many, but at least reply to ten of them. You want your followers to know that you’re there for them and that you appreciate them.

Remember, some things aren’t better left unsaid. ‘Heart’ as many comments as you can, and then reply. Your followers notice when you don’t interact, they’ll be annoyed, and then you’ll lose followers.



5. Answering DM’s

Your general followers can’t see when you reply to direct messages on Instagram, unless you screenshot the DM and share it or the person you replied to does the same. However, not everything is about getting more attention. You want to reply to your DMs because you want your followers to know you’re grateful them.

Think about it. If someone you looked up to replied to your DM, wouldn’t you feel special? Wouldn’t you love and respect them more for taking the time to do that? Replying to a DM may only impact one person, but that person matters. So, take the time to reply to DMs because not everyone does, and it’s a special thing to do.



You want to stay up to date with the content you’re posting. If you post a meme that was popular two years ago and everyone forgot about it, it’s not as cool as you think it is. For example, the Ten Year Challenge is still pretty popular, but if you do it three months from now, it’ll only look like you’re trying too hard and failing.

Search for new trends every day, not just on Instagram but on other social media platforms to see if they can be applied to Instagram. Go on your explore page, search through hashtags that apply to your niche, and check out the Instagram profiles of the people in your space. What are they posting, and how are their followers interacting with it? Stay up to date, and your followers will love your content.



7. Interacting with those you follow/people you want to be friends with

This is something that you want to do mostly for you. You want to connect with influencers or even people you admire who may not have a lot of followers because these are the people that you can do business with. Don’t just connect with anyone who has over ten thousands follower because you want to use them to promote your business.

Connect with people (by commenting on their posts every time, DMing them, and so on) who you genuinely want to be friends with because they seem like great people, because you want to offer them value. If you’re trying to connect with someone just to use them, they’re going to be able to tell. So, be real and genuine, and only befriend those you just want to give back to. Later, if you do business with them, that’s great.

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