How to Market to Gen Z on Instagram and Other Networks

How to Market to Gen Z on Instagram and Other Networks

Published on 6th of June 2023

Members of Generation Z were born between 1997-2012, so while some are still children, others are adults with money to spend. In fact, 40% of US consumers are part of Gen Z, and they represent up to $143 billion in buying power. With statistics like that, it’s clear you don’t want to miss your chance to market to the people in this generation.  

Marketing to Gen Z is a bit different from advertising to other generations. Get some social media marketing tips so you can reach this group on Instagram and other networks. 

Get to Know the Generation

three men and laughing two women walking side by sideSuccessful marketing campaigns speak directly to consumers, so it’s important to understand what makes Gen Z unique. Then, you can craft images and videos that speak to your audience.

Each market is different, so you’ll need to fine-tune your customer avatar based on your niche. However, you’ll still need to start with a basic idea of the people that make up this generation.

First, it’s important to understand that this is the most diverse generation to date. Only 52% are non-Hispanic white. Also:

  • Twenty-five percent are Hispanic.
  • Fourteen percent are Black.
  • Six percent are Asian.
  • Five percent are in the “other” category.
  • Twenty-two percent have at least one immigrant parent. 

Gen Z also puts an emphasis on education and is likely to end up as the most educated generation. Additionally, the generation values equality and champions numerous causes. 

Understanding this information will make it easier for you to speak directly to people in Gen Z. Now, let’s look at some strategies to help you reach your goals on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other networks. 

Lead With Your Mission and Values

a white board with post it notes on itBefore you can speak directly to Gen Z, it’s important to establish your mission and values. You’ve likely noticed a shift over recent years, with more consumers choosing companies based on the values they share. This is more important than ever when trying to reach Gen Z. More than any other generation, the people in Gen Z spend their money based on values, so if you don’t have well-defined values and a mission, you will lose out on revenue. 

Values such as equality, social responsibility, and diversity are all important to this generation. If these values speak to your brand, you can include them in your mission statement. However, you don’t have to stop there. You can choose any values you want as long as they are true to your brand. 

Live the Values as a Brand 

Generation Z can sniff it out if you aren’t true to your values. For instance, if you state that your company values social responsibility, but you don’t do anything to further it, you’ll come across as a fraud. Thus, take the time to think about what you truly value and how you can help further the agenda or mission.

Then, come up with actionable steps you will take so you’ll show Generation Z and others that your brand truly cares and is doing its part. Finally, show off your good work when posting on Instagram and other social media sites. 

Be Open About Your Shortcomings 

Gen Z craves transparency from both people and brands. Thus, you need to be transparent in your marketing efforts if you’re going to build real relationships and make sales. That includes being open when making a mistake. This isn’t easy to do but can pay off in dividends when marketing to the people in Generation Z. 

Skincare brand Cocokind provides the perfect example of this. In June of 2020, the brand posted about the Black Lives Matter movement and its commitment to improving its hiring practices to represent the Black community better. It didn’t just state that, though. Instead, it announced that it would release a report of the corporate team’s ethnic and racial makeup on June 30 each year. Then, followers can see the hard work in action by reviewing the report. 

This type of transparency is so powerful when marketing to Gen Z. It can also help you connect with other generations. 

Partner With Real People 

2 men standing on rocky mountain during daytimeAuthenticity is critical when marketing to Generation Z. Thus, the people in this generation often ignore traditional advertisements from brands. At the same time, they have money to spend, and they aren’t afraid to part with it. That means they still respond to marketing, but it has to look a little different to be successful.  

You can come across as authentic by partnering with real people when marketing. Find people in your niche that represent your brand values. Also, choose people who have the attention and respect of your followers. By picking people who are already part of their community, it’ll be easier to get your marketing campaign to take off quickly. 

There are so many ways to do this. You can have micro-influencers host Instagram takeovers or create sponsored content. You can even host live videos with influencers. Think about what your target market wants and deliver it with help from your partner.

Show Off Your Personality

Because authenticity is so important, you also need to show off your own personality when marketing to Gen Z. You can accomplish this by including behind-the-scenes content, answering questions, and engaging with your audience. With each interaction, make sure you sound like a real person instead of just the face of your brand. If your posts and videos are filled with marketing jargon, they won’t resonate with your audience. 

Also, if you’re a funny person, use some humor when connecting with your audience. A few laughs can go a long way in helping you bond with your market. 

Grow Your Audience With These Marketing Tips

These marketing strategies will help you connect with Gen Z. If you’re having trouble getting your campaign to take off, though, you might need to buy real Instagram likes first. The added engagement will help your posts reach more people. Then, these Gen Z marketing strategies will allow you to hit your marketing goals. 

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