Top 10 Instagram Marketing Ideas for Valentine's Day 

February 13, 2021

Valentine's Day is a special occasion for people to express affection and love for their loved ones. It is also considered as the 4th largest shopping day of the year, and brands eagerly wait for this moment to gather valuable customers.

So, Valentine's Day provides an excellent opportunity to switch up your Instagram marketing strategy and engage your customers with fresh and timely content.

The occasion of Valentine's Day is rooted in romance, and people are more than happy to spend their money to show their fondness. According to a National Retailer Federation research, buyers spend almost $20 billion on this special day.

So Valentine's Day is one particular event that personifies both in real life and on social media. For brands, 14th February means coming up with the latest ideas and products every year to attract people's attention and increase sales.

Here are a few Instagram marketing strategies and content ideas for the special day:

Celebrate a Valentine's Day-themed event

One of the most recommended ideas to attract customers is to go Live on Instagram. Live streaming is proving to be more successful and popular on the platform.

Though harder to schedule and organize (as compared to a simple story or main-feed post), it is advantageous for brands to bring their followers a bit closer and answer their questions live. 

Another idea in this category belongs to online matchmaking events in February, and it helps people land a date on Valentine's Day.

Use SMS services to offer special discounts

Show your current followers and customers some love by offering them a special discount on selected Valentine's Day-themed items (or a store-wide offer) via conversational text messages. 

SMS marketing is progressively the way of choice to activate customers with timely offers. And you can deliver these messages in various ways.

Tap into the shopper's emotions with heartening video content

Valentine's Day may be the biggest revenue-generating event for online dating sites such as eHarmony. People worldwide are looking for love and companionship, and dating platforms have gone from taboo to the social model of millennial dating. 

Create an emotional and heartwarming IG video for your customers to grab their attention. For starters, you can give them ideas and solutions to find their best match. 

Use Valentine's Day hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most useful strategies to promote any business on Instagram. You can use a combination of hashtags and can easily track how many people interact and share your campaign. 

But don't just throw hashtags out there randomly. Try to use them in combination with questions. For instance, you can ask your followers to share the best pictures of great Valentine's Day with your hashtag to participate in a contest. 

You can even use hashtags on other platforms such as LinkedIn to spread your brand's love and reach this Valentine’s Day.  

Show some extra love through loyalty programs

Thank your regular customers for the support they have shown, and return the favor with special deals for loyalty-program members. Here are some suggestions:

  • Give a free Valentine's Day-themed gift 

  • Give extra points for shopping before Valentine's Day

  • Offer free delivery on this particular occasion 

By awarding these offers with exclusivity, your recurring customers will feel valued and appreciated, which is how everyone wants to feel on Valentine's Day.

Organize a lovely campaign with another brand

The co-marketing strategy has proven to be very useful because it helps you build a more substantial campaign with more exposure. Below are some suggestions to consider when adding brand partnership to your marketing strategy.

  • Find a growing brand: The most critical step is to find a partner who offers services that go hand to hand with yours, sharing the same (or almost the same) type of audience.

  • Settle on a mutual visual guideline: Focus on a few dedicated product images by combining both partners' branding elements. Both brands can also upload the same cover photo that reflects the love month's theme.

  • Use and share the same messages: Keep consistency in everything you do and communicate mutual values and intent, delivered in a similar tone of voice.

  • Settle on mutual incentives: Something that both partners can bring to the table, such as "Valentine's Day pack" or discount offers on both companies' products.

Announce a poll or a contest

Running contests or polls can dramatically raise your engagement on Instagram. People like to participate in marketing campaigns, especially when you give them the option to pitch in and have a voice to speak about their opinions. 

Contests demand more creativity. On the other hand, polls are a quick and easy way to get specific answers. Plan a way to introduce an interactive competition that can keep your audience engaged, entertained, and empowered to speak up. 

Use the strengths of your followers in Instagram marketing campaigns. It will lead to creating brand loyalty, which fosters high engagement and sales.

Offer Valentine's Day gift guides

Shopping for the love of your life is not an easy task, especially on 14th February. Everyone wants to buy a perfect gift, but not everyone knows what that gift should be.  

And you can help ease the tension with some practical and simple gift ideas such as:

  • Gifts for her

  • Gifts for him

  • Gifts for yourself

  • Gifts for our family

  • Gifts for your BFF

Gift guides offer buyers the knowledge they are looking for in a precise and clear manner and leave room for promoting plenty of your products/services. 

Don't forget the singles

More than half of Americans are single on Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean they don't want to celebrate the warm occasion. Singles can buy something special for themselves on this special day.

So make sure to have an Instagram marketing strategy that leverages both classes of people. And to help increase the visibility of your posts, be sure to use relevant hashtags, including:

  • #singleslife

  • #treatyourself

  • #singlesawarenessday

Promote your best-selling products on Valentine's Day

Now it's time to take advantage of this hype, make a list of your greatest assets, and set up a Valentine's Day campaign. It is the best time to promote your most popular products into the spotlight. 

Make sure to write an appropriate product description and include lovely details that integrate naturally with the event.

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