Nano Influencers: Why You'll Feature Them in Your Next Marketing Campaign

August 28, 2023

Why do we need many types of influencers? Perhaps there's a new type you haven't heard about that might be a better fit for you.

Influencer marketing has many benefits for growing businesses, but it seems brands are becoming more interested in smaller influencers rather than larger ones (i.e., nano influencers over mega, macro, and micro-influencers).

More and more brands will look for nano-influencers because influencer marketing is continuing to grow. Influencers are becoming more specialized than ever before, making them even more appealing than before.

Who are these influencers? We will unravel the mystery as you read on, so let's get into it. This article is also about the 7 different reasons your brand needs to use these nano-influencers to your marketing advantage.

Who are nano influencers? 

Free Focused blogger working on project at home Stock PhotoNano influencers are social media stars with a modest number of followers (1,000 to 10,000). They're not professional influencers, but the content they provide can still be valuable to your business.

So many people are now taking advantage of the opportunities available with nano influencers. They're around us all the time—your friends, coworkers, neighbors, or family. You could even be a nano influencer for your brand!

Nano-influencers are quite popular at the moment—and they aren't in such high demand because of their follower numbers, but for other reasons.

Generating engagement with nano influencers is more likely to be easy because of their low profile. Their authenticity and credibility make them a good option to build trust in your brand and generate more revenue.

Leading brands are integrating these promoters into their marketing strategy to stay on top of this new social media trend.

Why nano influencers?

1. Strong relationships with followers 

Many nano influencers have an engaged audience because they are endorsed by people they know. Because of this unwavering appeal, their content is perceived as advice, labeling them as experts. Followers look up to them as peers and see themselves as part of a larger community.

Nano-influencers find it super easy to manage their followers and respond to each comment on their content, unlike other social influencers who have way too many followers that they can't keep up with.

While we're here, you can also learn 50 neat tricks to increase your follower base.

2. Less cost

Free Hands Holding Dollars Stock PhotoIn the name of viral success and brand awareness, some influencers have been increasingly charging big brands to work with them.

Nano influencers, on the other hand, charge low fees. Some will demand your product in return for sponsored posts for your brand. Others will not charge a fee at all.

Most nano influencers don't engage in influencer marketing to earn a living. This is because a lot of them love being on social media and do it as something fun, rather than anything else. However, some do use this platform for earning money through donations or merchandise.

Nano influencers are very effective for businesses, especially those in the start-up phase. You can spend less and still get your brand out to a targeted audience.

3. Authenticity 

Most people are more willing to listen to influencers with a certain level of social capital because they have already built a relationship with them or have reason to trust them. You can use tightly-knitted communities such as those created by nano influencers as platforms for engagement.

In today's competitive market, authenticity is crucial. Consumers are less likely to choose a brand that posts something spammy or overly salesy. They're more likely to pick a brand that works with authentic nano influencers. These people provide your business with an authentic feel, giving you an edge over the competition.

4. High engagement rates

pink flower on white backgroundEngagement rates of nano-influencers are higher than other influencers for good reason. This is because they have a personal relationship with most of their followers. People like them as friends or acquaintances and are more likely to buy from them.

And because they're working with a smaller team, these marketers are very responsive to their followers' comments, posts, and reviews. This helps build good relationships with their community every day.

5. Competitive advantage 

A nano influencer would be a good addition to your social media marketing strategy. While they may be smaller in size, they'll give you an edge over your competition.

In most cases, you are unlikely to find any ads from your competitor on a nano influencer’s page - yours might even be the first!

However, most nano influencers you speak with might need some advice on communicating with their followers. They might be newer in advertising and thus aren't sure of what people are expecting from them.

But there is a higher chance of finding ads from other brands on bigger influencers’ pages because that's how they generate revenue.

6. More zeal

Free Woman Surrounded By Sunflowers Stock PhotoSmall-scale influencers are still new to the world of social media promotion. They enjoy it in their time outside of work, not because of the money involved.

They're usually at a stage where they have been building up their audience and are looking for a place to grow. Thus, even if there is little or no reward, they promote their client’s brand with great zeal.

7. Niche-specific content 

A high percentage of nano influencers share niched content and usually from their personal experience. They usually focus on a particular area they have a knack for.

And when you have niche-focused content, higher brand loyalty often follows. Evidently, those who follow niche-specific social media promoters will be more loyal to the brand they represent.

Creating nano-influencer content is a great way to introduce your services or products to the audience and see how people react. The product will appear more personal and unique, giving you a better understanding of your target market.

You can also use this for new niche testing before investing in marketing campaigns or some other digital marketing strategies.

Finding the right nano influencer for your brand 

It may seem difficult to find the right nano influencer, but it's not impossible. Take some time to do your research, and you'll soon find one that is passionate about staying relevant to the audience and fits your brand image.

Start by looking for people in your niche and location who already know, like, trust, and are ready to support your brand. They may just be on the verge of becoming a nano influencer.

For a brand to thrive in nano influencer marketing, it is important to follow the influencer’s posts. You can also find out who is suitable for your business by gauging the content they post and taking note of different platforms where you will find them.

You can even find influencers at conferences, trade shows, and industry gatherings. You might not be aware that someone is a key player in your niche, so it's always good to be friendly and respectful to whoever you're talking to.

From this point onward, they will know you and your business better. This helps to build a strong relationship with your potential promoter.

Key takeaways

Many brands today are at a loss to find affordable and genuine ways of engaging with their audience. However, nano influencer marketing may be the solution you're looking for.

The above article has informed you about what they entail right now - their level of engagement, authenticity, and zeal attracts audiences much better than larger social media influencers can.

This is a much less expensive option that will affect your resources without draining them too much, especially during turbulent financial times.

Acquiring nano influencers can make a big difference in building your brand, so use them to your advantage. Companies have shifted from focusing on the number of social media followers an influencer has to being more interested in their trust levels and approach with those followers.

You might find nano influencers at the start of their career who could help you grow your brand. They will start with low follower counts, so you can motivate them by giving them more of an incentive to work for you. As they grow with your business, so does your brand.

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