Free Templates: What You Need to Market Your Brand on Instagram

Free Templates: What You Need to Market Your Brand on Instagram

Published on 1st of October 2021

It's a no-brainer that Instagram is a large platform for businesses and general social interaction. Not just for Gen-Z, but a lot of Millenials are also keying into this social media market. More so, about 71% of all businesses in the United States use it for branding in one form or the other.

This predominance has, however, raised the competition to a level where simple and ordinary content hardly gets the desired attention. Hence, the need to use every tool and template at your disposal to ensure that each post comes out incredibly appealing.

Luckily, Instagram is already doing half of the jobs as they keep on bringing out features to aid better use of the social network.

You can also employ external templates and tools to make your IG content top-notch. This article won't only reveal how to make captivating content on the platform, but also how to do this without exhausting all your time and resources.

What are Instagram templates?

Insta templates are existing designs that are adjustable with text, graphics, and other elements to create new content for the platform. Whether you're using them as Stories or main-feed content. Numerous apps are available, and there are design stores where you can find great templates, a lot for free.

On the other hand, if you have the technical know-how or the creative skill, you can also make these templates from scratch. This is more intensive as you would have to choose the post format, pick an image, fuse in design elements, and such.

The essence of using Instagram templates

1. Consistency

This is the fundamental reason why Instagram templates are very effective. Have you ever noticed a brand or even a celebrity with disjointed content on Instagram?

In such a scenario, you would see the account sharing a particular opinion in a post and then going the other way in the next.

In other cases, you would see an Instagrammer deleting a post after some time, probably after getting backlashes. The problem here is inconsistency, and it doesn't only apply to the content but its format as well.

Using templates makes it very easy to maintain a particular style in your posts and Stories. Sticking to a specific font, text color, filters, and layouts can go a long way in carving your niche in the social media space.

2. Free

There's a common belief that anything free cannot be top-notch. Well, in the case of free Instagram templates, that belief doesn't hold water as it goes a long way in optimizing your brand. These free templates also take your content to a very moderate but captivating level.

3. Reflection of your taste and style

PepsiCo is the world's largest beverage company with products like Pepsi-Cola, Miranda, etc. You would agree that many of these mineral water or beverages possess some level of similarity in sweetness. Several customers would go for a bottle of Miranda just because of its color and design.

This is how the little elements of your social media branding reflect your taste and attract relevant customers. Templates provide you with more personalized control over your Instagram content.

4. Time-saving

Creating smooth, concise, and appealing feeds on Instagram can be very time-consuming. Free Instagram templates are just what you need if you're handling your branding and PR yourself, without the time to go through a thorough and creative process.

Furthermore, a lot of the known and established brands (like Shopify, Salt Surf, and Minaal) also employ Instagram templates.

Top apps with the best free Instagram templates

  1. Canva: Certainly one of the most popular tools for creating and editing pictures and videos for Instagram (and other social platforms). Canva is very easy to use, and it's available for free on iOS and Android.
    After choosing a template, you can adjust every little detail down to even the background. The application allows you to save your design to your mobile device, so it's accessible for other uses. You can also track your choices and changes with Canva.

  2. Over: It's a less popular platform, compared to the others, but very helpful in creating interesting Instagram content. Over contains a lot of templates that you can pick from, letting you customize to your taste. It's already growing in popularity, as its users created the hashtag #BestOfOver to draw attention to the beautiful templates it provides.

  3. Adobe Spark Post: It's a package in the Adobe Suite which includes popular apps like Photoshop and Illustrator. Fortunately, the Adobe Spark Post is way simpler to use compared to other packages in the Suite.
    It comes with several elements to help you put together a great post on Instagram.

  4. StoryLuxe: If you need the best templates for Instagram Stories, StoryLuxe should be your destination. Thankfully, your Stories can now follow a sleek pattern. But the application is available for use only on Apple devices.

Desktop apps for free Instagram templates

IG templates aren't exclusive to mobile devices; you can also access them on your PC. Some of the places where you can find these templates include:

  1. Creative Market

  2. Crello

  3. Canva

Nonetheless, there are also numerous template packs that you can get for a couple of bucks.

The truth is, not every aspect of improving your brand requires you to pay for it.

As far as captivating content is concerned, free Instagram templates will do just fine. Plus, these packs can be overly constructive and advanced to appeal to some followers.

The money you would use in getting different template packs, you can use to optimize your brand in some other way.

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