9 Instagram Hacks for Marketers and Creators

9 Instagram Hacks for Marketers and Creators

Published on 30th of May 2023

Does it seem like everything takes you a bit longer than others on Instagram? It isn’t a matter of not having the skills to create and market photos and videos. Instead, it comes down to not having access to some hacks to speed up and simplify the process. Check out some Instagram hacks that will help you manage your account. 

1. Clean Up Your Feed by Muting Accounts

black red green and blue deviceWhether you are a brand or a content creator, you likely follow some accounts that don’t hold your interest. At the same time, you don’t want to unfollow an account and hurt someone’s feelings. For instance, if you’re following your uncle, unfollowing him could make for an awkward family reunion. You can keep the peace with your family and on your feed by muting accounts.

First, you’ll need to navigate to the account you want to mute. Then, click on the “Following” button and select “Mute.” Next, you can choose to mute Stories, Posts, or both. 

Your feed will be much more pleasant after muting some accounts. And Uncle Joe won’t have to know that you haven’t seen any of his “funny” cat memes recently. 

2. Hide Posts Instead of Deleting Them

Have you fallen out of love with some of your older posts, but you don’t want to delete the content? You can hide those posts so you can benefit from the engagement metrics without worrying about someone stumbling on the content.

You’ll need to click on the three dots that are located on top of the post and select “Archive.” Then, visitors won’t see the post, but it’ll still be there as far as Instagram is concerned. This is a fantastic trick to use when you want to freshen up your profile without your engagement levels taking a hit. 

3. Create Shortcuts for Frequently Asked Questions

red and grey Ask signageDo you constantly get DMs with the same questions? Typing out each reply from scratch is time-consuming, but you can solve this problem by creating shortcuts. 

First, you’ll open your profile and navigate to the three lines on the right-hand side of the screen. Tap on the lines, click on “Settings,” and go to the “Business” tab. Next, click “Saved Replies” and tap the plus sign. Finally, type out what you want to say, add a shortcut, and click “Save.”

Then, anytime you want to use one of your saved replies, type the shortcut into the reply. You’ll see a blue button appear next to “Send.” Click on it to access your shortcut. Then, you can modify it a bit to personalize it to the recipient, but you’ll still save a ton of time since you won’t have to type out the entire reply from scratch.

4. Automatically Add Captions to Your Stories

Lots of people watch videos with the sound off, so adding captions is essential. While you might have skipped this in the past because it’s challenging work, that’s changed thanks to the Captions sticker for Stories. You just need to select the sticker when uploading your video. Then, you can choose the format, placement, and color of the text. The tool will generate the text automatically, so you won’t have to spend the better part of an afternoon doing it yourself. 

5. Hang Onto Your Live Videos

Have you noticed that some Instagram users repurpose their live video content? You can do that too by clicking “Save” when you finish the video. Then, you’ll store it on your camera roll, where you can easily access it to edit and use again. If you have trouble coming up with enough content for your account, this can be quite helpful. 

6. Rearrange Your Filters

person holding silver iPhone 7 near wooden pot holderWhile you don’t want to use the same filters for each photo and video, there are likely some that you use more than others. Scrolling through a ton of filters to get to your favorites can be time-consuming, but fortunately, there’s a hack for this.

First, you’ll need to have a photo or video to upload. Then, start the posting process and click on “Filter.” You’ll want to scroll to the bottom and tap on “Manage.” Then, you can click on the icons next to the filters to move them to the desired locations. Once you’re done, your most-used filters will be at the top, making posting so much faster. 

7. Help People Find Your Account When Searching

You want as many people as possible to find your account, meaning you should optimize your profile for Instagram’s search feature. Instagram looks through profiles when choosing accounts to display, so add a keyword to your “Name” field. For instance, if you are a lifestyle blogger, add that next to your name. That will make it easier for Instagram to identify what your account is about, so you’ll reach more people. 

8. Hide the “Last Active” Feature in Your DMs

If you haven’t been online for a bit, you’d prefer that your customer base not know. For instance, imagine someone is about to DM you and realizes you haven’t been online for three days. The person might decide against it, causing you to lose an important lead.

Fortunately, you can turn off the “Last Active” feature, so no one will know when you were last online. Start on Instagram’s homepage and navigate to the “Settings.” Then, go to “Privacy” and click “Activity Status.” You just need to turn off the activity status, so no one will know if you’re online all the time or rarely.

9. Buy Instagram Likes to Build Your Following

white Android smartphone near green plantThere’s even a hack for increasing your engagement on the app. Since engagement is one of the most important ranking factors the algorithm uses when displaying posts, this is very important. First, you’ll need to buy real Instagram likes for one of your posts. Then, the likes will accumulate, and you’ll reach more people.

This is so much faster than trying to grow your engagement levels organically. In fact, it works so well that your posts could take off on the app when you use this hack.

Save Time With These Hacks

Consider incorporating these hacks today so you can save time and put your best foot forward on Instagram. They’re easy to use, and you should see benefits immediately. 

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