What Lifestyle Bloggers Should Be Posting On Instagram

What Lifestyle Bloggers Should Be Posting On Instagram

Published on 31st of May 2019

If you want to be a lifestyle influencer, whether you have a blog or not, or you’re transitioning into that position, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re covering what lifestyle Instagram influencers and bloggers upload on their main feed because this is what you should be uploading too. Let’s begin with what lifestyle bloggers should be posting on Instagram.

Pictures you should upload

The number one thing you’re most likely curious about is what type of content lifestyle bloggers are uploading on Instagram. From what we’ve seen, most lifestyle bloggers stick to pictures instead of uploading videos. That’s not to say you can’t upload videos if that’s what you prefer, but in this article, we’re only talking about the types of pictures you can upload. 

1. Yourself

Lifestyle influencers have many pictures of themselves. If you look at their Instagrams, you’ll notice they make up the majority of their profile page. You can share a picture of you eating, reading, sitting on the couch, in front of a beautiful view, taking action, drinking coffee—anything. I won’t talk about quality because smartphones all have cameras that take high-quality photos, so there’s no excuse for capturing a low-quality image.

2. Food or drinks

Next to pictures of themselves, lifestyle bloggers also upload photos of their meals and beverages quite a lot. The drink you’re having or the meal you’re eating doesn’t matter as long as it looks clean and aesthetic. For example, if you’re drinking regular coffee, drink it out of a mug that says something that captures attention like, “Motivation in a mug.” If you’re eating a pizza, don’t just take a picture of the pizza. Set your drink on the side, plates, and even your phone with the Netflix app opened. The backdrop also needs to look nice.

3. Pets

Everyone loves animals, so you can never go wrong with a picture of your pet. Whether you have a dog, cat, parrot, or anything else, your followers will love it. Of course, just like the pictures of your food, you can’t just take a boring photograph. Set your pet in front of a cute background, make sure they’re not moving to avoid blurry photos, and set up something around them, like the examples above.

4. Cool places (that go with your brand)

Take pictures of cool places that go with your brand. For example, if you’re really into coffee, and you post about it often, then you can take a photo of the cute little coffee shop you randomly found while taking a walk. If you’re big on plants, share an image of your garden or, for example, if you live in San Diego, a picture of Balboa Park.

5. What your followers want

You should be posting what you think your followers want to see. (Although, you don’t have to guess. You can ask them directly on Instagram.) If you’re a big reader, and so are your followers, post a picture every time you start a new book. If you write poems, write short poems for Instagram. If your followers love when you show them your home, upload photos of items around the house, or new interior design items.


Your Instagram caption may be as long as you think your followers are willing to read. To our surprise, people will write extended captions, and it must work for them because they receive hundreds of comments in response to it. Their paragraphs are long, but users are still willing to read them.

While I can’t tell you precisely what to write in your caption because it has to correspond with your content, I can tell you how to style it or encourage your followers to read it. You can’t just write a bunch of sentences that make up one long paragraph because people won’t read it. 

You need white space (so, click enter when starting a new paragraph), and emojis. Both of these will make your captions look shorter and more entertaining than simple black words on a white background. You can use the emojis to replace words, use them at the end of paragraphs, or even in the beginning.

Another tip is to write using your voice. Don’t sound boring, and don’t sound robotic. You don’t want to bore your followers so much that they end up unfollowing you just because they don’t like your captions. Write the words you’d typically use (you don’t need to make yourself sound professional). You don’t have to aim to entertain, but be you.


Filters and lighting are essential for your images because it’s what’s going to make your entire Instagram come together. When you take a picture of a dog in dark lighting, and then a picture of a dog in bright light the next day, it’s going to make your Instagram look off. When you have the same lighting for each photo, though, it lets your followers know that you have an idea of what you’re doing and that you put in the work to make it look tied together. Choose lighting that goes best with your brand.

Same goes for filters. If you have an idea of what you want your Instagram to look like, then it will help with choosing your filter. Your filters need to go with your brand. For example, if you love going to the beach or parks, then a dark filter wouldn’t fit with that. I’d imagine something bright, vintage, and sunny as filters for these posts.

You could go with moody, vintage, happy, dramatic, and different moods. The important thing is that you stick with them. If you want to learn more about filters and where to find them, check out this article

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